Monday, March 05, 2018

Cold and wet and no points for Gencler

What a damp squib of a way to snap your 10 match unbeaten run.

Genclerbirligi 0 - 1 Alanyaspor

First half and no shots on goal for Gencler. Just a whole heap of niggling, annoying football that made me glad I was sitting in a pub and not at the match.

Second half and things brightened up at the Alerta with the arrival of Jim and Damon and Harun a couple of other Ankaragucu kankas whose misery was to start a bit later on. (see the report just below this one)

For Gencler though things weren't looking too good. We had a couple of close chances in the second half but we were sucker punched by a side that quite frankly is just as crap as us.

The wind roared and the rain poured down at the 19 Mayis and well it was all just rubbish.

I actually think that the 10-game unbeaten run was a fluke and Gencler Manager Umit Ozat was just extremely lucky. Fortunately for us, that streak may well save us from relegation.

EDIT: I just saw this brilliant review of the match by a member of the Alkaralar fan group, Ilker Karabulut

Alper Uludağ: Esas mevkisi sol bek, stoper oynadı.
Kemal Issah: Esas mevkisi orta saha, sağ bek oynadı.
Jailton: Esas mevkisi kanatlar, santrafor oynadı.
Sessegnon: Esas mevkisi forvet arkası, sağ açık oynadı.
Ümit Özat: Esas mevkisi Beyaz TV yorumculuğu, teknik direktör oynadı.

Alper Uludağ: His normal position is left back, he played as a stopper.
Kemal Issah: His normal position is midfield, he played as a right back.
Jailton: His normal position is on the wing, he played as a centre forward.
Sessegnon: His normal position is a forward. he played open right.
Ümit Özat: His normal position is as a Beyaz TV commentator, he played as a technical director.

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  1. Yesssssss...... nice way to end a weak Oz Kanka rant is with some humour ho ho ho ha ha ha !!!

    The bottom line though is ..... great to be with Gencler and Ankaragucu kankas at The Alerta even if both of us lost. A great venue and great people !!!