Sunday, January 13, 2019

Bayram Bektas resigns!

In the last half hour Ankaragücü manager Bayram Bektas has resigned from the club after only 1 game in charge. The reasons given is due to the management failing to keep promises of lifting the transfer ban and failing to pay players wages.

Mustafa Kaplan who was installed as the clubs new Director of football last week will take control of the team in the meantime. The circus continues.


  1. One word will suffice ........ Aaaaaaargh !!!!!

  2. I still don't understand exactly how Ankaragucu got back into this massive debt situation. After years of having no money and transfer bans etc, the club got back into the top flight last year and have, in just a few months later simply gone belly up. Is it simply bad management? Are there old debts being called in? Was it simply a case of signing up a whole heap of expensive players during the euphoria of promotion? Nady! Got any answers?

  3. No one knows whats going on Chris
    Yiginer has stated in the last couple of years the debt is 100 million Lira which is 14.5 million pounds. In terms of football debt that isnt a huge amount.

    The TFF are holding back all of Ankaragucu income and paying it towards old debts. This means the current players arent being paid and the transfer ban is in place.

    Ankaragucu are also being used politically between CHP and AKP which in turn means Ankara businesses are being prevented from investing in the club according to reports.