Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Another Fenerbahce stack

Turks are damn good when it comes to internet voting. For some reason they will drop everything to ensure that whoever they support will win internet polls. This was seen of course in the campaign to get Ataturk named man of the century, scientist of the century, musician of the century etc etc a few years ago in a Time magazine poll.

Then in the last few weeks we have seen a concerted effort to get Miss Turkey to win the online version of Miss Universe (she duly won the internet version but not the actual thing). This particular campaign seemed to have been set up by a fellow called Metin. Check out his efforts here.

Allthis is a long way of introducing the results of last week's poll.

Who do you want to win the League?
Galatasaray 4 votes
Fenerbahce 23 votes
Besiktas 1 vote
Anyone but the above 11 votes

Clearly the poll has been hijacked. I would have blamed Metin but he is a Galatasaray supporter. Therefore I blame Murat who clearly has too much time on his hands at the moment after having a rather unfortunate run-in with a car.

Probably it has been lucky that Gulay has been on holidays and thus unable to organise a pro-Galatasaray stack.

With all the scandal news at the moment I thought I'd ask the readers this week:

If proven should Denizlispor be relegated?

You can check out the actual scandal report here


  1. I only voted once.. I swear.. from this computer..

  2. Well, just like the Miss Universe result I fear the internet vooters will be people never learn from the past. By the way you forgot the results of the Football Derbies poll...and yes if Denizli did try something they should make like Das Boot

  3. I honestly still think ANKARAGUCU will win the league this season.. honesssstly trusssssst me !!!

    However, for starters, I'll be happy with the Sportswriters Cup on Saturday !!!

  4. PS............

    Gecmisolsen Murat !!!

  5. Many thanks Jim! To yourself and everyone else reading this:


  6. Good advice Murat.

    Also, remember........

    CLUNK CLICK every time you are in a car.

    I have read some horrendous stories recently about car deaths where people (usually young people) were not wearing seat belts.

  7. From personal experience:

    Don't forget: Never post on a blog when you are drunk.

  8. Anonymous8:11 pm

    I wish I can take credit for the demise of such a poll during Miss Universe, but I thank you for the compliment.

    Now if we could only get 'Hurriyet' to follow suit here and publicize this poll, we'd be in great shape. Maybe we should offer an 'iPod' to one lucky winner to get people to vote (for Galatasaray.) On the other hand, forget it, we wouldn't be able to recover the costs from that team in such financial turmoil.

    Even though I am a Galata fan, I'd like Fener to win thr championship this year on their 100th bday (returning the favor to Galata last year.)

    Good luck and may the best team not win this year so Fener can be entitled to its glory.


  9. I actually have a feeling now that the person who rigged this poll was none other than Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo. He used to live next door to Fener's stadium in Istanbul. Revenge shall be mine.