Sunday, July 30, 2006


Greetings Kankas. Some of the kankas are well named (eg Smart Ass Kanka) and others perhaps not (Virgin Match Kankie) !!

I believe we have mis-named Brummie Kankie, who I think deserves better. So, as senior (in years !!) kanka, I am proposing a name change for Brummie Kankie, and for all those who have met her over the past few days, I'm sure you will agree with me.

Amelia, you will now be known as...........


Also, we hope to receive some blog comments from you in the future and perhaps even a report about Birmingham Shitty........ oooops...... I mean...... City !!

Welcome to the Round Ball in Ankara and to our Kanka fraternity.

All the best from (well named) Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous10:59 pm

    I like that name Smart Ass Kanka! :-) It is hilarious! Prijatelj pametoguzac LOL LOL

    How did Virgin Match Kankie got her name? LOL LOL

    Thinking of you your Zagreb Kankie

  2. Hi Miss Zagreb Kankie and I'm pleased that we are still making you laugh !!

    Well, Virgin Match Kankie (Suzan)received this name because she has been `promising` Oz Kanka and I to attend a match for...... a long time !!

    You will recall the photos taken in the German Embassy on 9 June at the opening match of the World Cup when she was photographed in her Gencler top ?!

    She is a busy lady, but her attendance at the Stadium is long overdue. When she finally comes to a match with us, then will consider giving her another name !!!

    As for Smart Arse Yank Kanka, if you ever come to Ankara and meet him, you will understand why he is so named !!!

  3. Hello Kankas.
    I would like to be known as "No Match Kanka" until my big day. OK?

  4. That's instead of Match Virgin Kanka Suzan, by the way.

  5. correct that to "Kankie"

  6. I'm not sure we can agree to this Miss Virgin Match Kankie.

    The correct procedure is to discuss it in committee stage before a decision can be made.

    Please be assured that we will give you a decision at the earliest opportunity !!!

    In the meantime, please try to keep your diary free at weekends for your `BIG DAY` !!

  7. Decision by committee, eh? I'm prepared to put my case to be Brummy Kanka. English Rose? You're wrecking my street cred...

  8. The committee that decided on the Brummy Kanka name was me and Finlandia Kanka in a taxi on the way home from the match on Friday night.

    I reckon we stick to it.

  9. Well...... in retrospect I suppose it should stick. Brummy Kankie was on about head butting in an email to me and I reckon she might well qualify to be an ANKARAGUCU hooligan like me !!!

    OK, but perhaps Dangerous Brummy Kankie would be better !!!

  10. When will the Supreme Ankara Kanka Council (may It live forever and be blessed by Pele) meet and decide on the urgent matter concerning No Match Kankie??

  11. As a founding member of the committee I place my proxy vote for allowing the name change. No Match Kanka it is, at least for a few weeks

  12. and....... as a co-founder member I usually always agree with Oz Kanka. He may be small in stature but he is extremely dangerous when aroused !!!

    OK, so it is settled. Suzan may now be know as NO MATCH KANKIE, well........ until the historic day in the future when she enters the 19 Mayis Stadium !!!

    All the best from agreeable and likeable Eski Kanka Jim