Saturday, July 22, 2006

A slightly more informative poll

Friday's Hurriyet ran a full page article on a poll taken across 20 provinces in Turkey looking at football supporters, an article which Spine has commented on in a previous post. I thought I might do a little translation for you all.

Unfortunately the poll only looked at supoorters of the big four clubs and therefore is clearly and obviously flawed. But anyway:

Spine has already pointed out that Besiktas has the highest percentage of female supporters with 28.02 percent of fans of the black and whites being of the fairer sex.

There was no mention of what sort of supporters they are and therefore we can definately claim that Genclerbirligi and Ankaragucu have the best-looking female supporters thanks to French Kanka Hande, Zagreb Kanka and Match Virgin Kanka Suzan on the Gencler side and Clueless Kanka Vicki, Mrs. Kirkcaldy Kanka Sinaed (no picture damn it) and Mrs. Smart Arse Yankee Kanka Suzan all on Ankaragucu's side.

This was going to be an excuse to link to Gulay's photograph (she of Gulay, Galatasaray and the Dogs) but she has changed her profile picture and so I can't praise Galatasaray fans. Lucky that really, wouldn't want to change a lifetime's habit.

Some of the other stats.

Percentage of fans who have university degrees.
Besiktas: 28.02 (a number that is suspiciously similiar to the number of female fans they have)
Fenerbahce: 25.49
Galatasaray: 24.2
Trabzonspor: 12.81

How people came to support their team:
The team is successful: 39 percent
Family influence: 19.91
Friend's influence: 13.43
The colours are, like, so nice: 1 percent.

Again the survey has clearly failed as surely some people support their team because it is their home team, their city, the local side, although Sir Eski did choose Ankaragucu because he had some money on how many goals Zalad would let in during one particular match.

Percentage of supporters who earn more than 1,500 lira (US $971) a month:
Fenerbahce: 25.71
Besiktas: 22.99
Galatasaray 22.02
Trabzonspor: 12.81 (another figure suspiciously similiar to university qualifications)

I think I should make this one next week's blog poll question. Either the salary question or the next question.

Percentage of supporters whose sex life is affected by football results:
Doesn't affect: 75.06
Sometimes affects: 10.1
Always affects: 3.19

Doesn't quite add up to 100 percent that one. I guess the rest don't have sex or were so outraged at being asked by a complete stranger such a personal question that the surveyer was headbutted, Zidane-style, before being able to fill in the survey form.

And finally,
Is there corruption in Turkish football?
Yes: 67.38 percent
No: 23.48 percent

No arguements from me on the results of that last question. I'm just surprised the "Yes" vote wasn't higher.


  1. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Hey, I am glad that I became one of the best looking female supporters from outside of Turkey. :-) If there wasn't for Hasan I would never even hear about Gencerbirligi, so I think that the big part you should thank to him.
    I am sorry though that he didn't tell me much about Ankaragucu but after I met through this blog our great Eski Kanka, I am their supporters as well and reading on this blog what is going on.
    I am glad that they got one Croatian in their team and I hope I will read more about how is Srebrenko doing in Turkey.

    Greetings from HOT HOT HOT Zagreb!
    Yours, of course, :-) Kankie from Zagreb, Croatia

  2. Yes, I think Miss Zagreb Kankie is going to be more biased towards ANKARAGUCU now !!

    I mean, Hasan Bey of Gencler is a great guy and we all love him here, but...... let's face it, he is not Croatian !!

    With Srebrenko to lead the line for ANKARAGUCU I am sure the focus will now be on this team for Miss Zagreb.

    I didn't mention yesterday that he had a quiet game against Werder Bremen because he is still settling-in here, but, because he is Croatian I am 100% sure that he will be a big success here.

    Maybe he might even be as famous as ZALAD one day !! Oh yes, and NO........ I didn't put on any money for or against Zalad when he played for ANKARAGUCU. After all, he was my friend....and... when you have made a friend of a Scotsman he is your friend for life !!!

    On the subject of `hot` babes... I think the ANKARAGUCU babes win it (with apologies to the Gencler babes !!!).

    Maybe the Galata...spit... saray babes might like to disagree ? If so, we await your photos to make judgement !!!

  3. No. 1: Zagreb Kanka is a Gencler supporter.

    No. 2: This blog is very PC, just like Sir Eski Kanka's favourite newspaper ... the Guardian.

    No. 3: I'm waiting for Gulay's photo also!

  4. Anonymous1:06 pm

    I REALLY LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!! :-) YOU MADE ME LAUGH! :-)I think you are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

    I will support both teams :-) because I like you both so much!

    I am sure though that Srebrenko (Silver Guy :-)) will settle and give 100% of him on a field. And I look forward to read about his progress.

    Hugs and kisses from your Zagreb Kankie from HOT Zagreb

    P.S. It is dangerous to be outside in Zagreb because of high temeperatures here. How is in Ankara?

  5. It is warm in Ankara, but the wind is blowing gale force strength making it difficult for BBQs. However, in Bodrum it is ..... paradise !!!

    Yes, OK, we must love Gencler ... a little....... but, remember... ANKARAGUCU is our No1 team here, especially now when we have a handsome talented Croatian guy playing for us !!!

  6. Don't forget Ankaragucu have also got an Aussie coach. As far as I can see the only connection to Scotland that Ankaragucu have is that Kirkcaldy Kanka and Sir Eski Kanka are supporters

  7. There is ONE more connection.... ANKARAGUCU wear Scottish BLUE and that's another good reason for supporting them !!!

    On the subject of SCOTLAND, congratulations to the Under-19 Team last night on their victory over Turkey 3-2. Oh yes, and by the way, who scored the winning goal.....

    Fletcher of HIBERNIAN !!!!

  8. Anonymous11:20 pm


  9. We love you too Miss Zagreb, especially all your humourous comments on our blogs.

    Keep 'em coming.

  10. Anonymous3:45 pm

    Yes, the female footie fans in Ankara are all rather foxy, however Miss Zagreb Kankie gets my vote - rather yummy in a blonde, female football fan kind of way!! ;-)