Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The best of moments of the World Cup

The World Cup is over but the world is still abuzz as to what exactly did Matterazzi say to Zidane. Still not clear so instead time to do one of those cliched best of/worst of lists. I'll try and keep my own prejudices out of it. Yeah right.

Best Match: Portugal versus Holland. This match was truely amazing. Great diving, great simulation, 16 yellows and four reds. Just an amazing spectacle really. Note that the heading of this was "best match", not "best football".

Worst Match: Anything involving England. Apparently Ukraine-Switzerland was extremely boring but I didn't see it thanks to being too depressed at the time.

Best Fans: England deserve a pat on the back for pretty much breaking all the stereotypes and also for completely making a mockery of Fifa's ticketing rules.

Best Diver: The easiest of all the all the awards... Mr. C. Ronaldo of Portugal.

Unforgettable moment: Mr. Zidane's attempt to give Matterazzi a Glasgow kiss. He missed.

Best Referee: I could have killed him at the time for missing two clear penalties but in the end just for the comedy value it has to be Mr. Graeme Poll for his handing out three yellow cards to the same player in the Croatia-Australia match.

My Fave Moment: Kewell scoring the equaliser against Croatia which put Australia through to the next round (Poll didn't notice that Kewell was offside).

The Kick in the Guts Moment: Grosso diving in the box. Penalty. Italy score. Australia go home. Italy go on to win the World Cup.

Any more suggestions for "best of" moments?


  1. Don't Forget Fred of Brazil for best names

  2. How about most blind coach.....to Big Phil Scolari for his comments on Figo....

  3. How about best team who were NOT in Germany............

    SCOTLAND of course !!!!

    However, as Freddie used to say..... we'll be back !!!

    All the best from ever hopeful Eski Kanka Jim

  4. Anonymous8:04 pm

    eski kanka jim old boy: Scotland have as much chance as Wales of qualifying for the next World Cup i.e. ZERO!!

  5. Oh yea of little faith !

    We Jocks are born with optimism pumping through our blood vessels and we learn very early in life that the game is not over until the game is over !!!

    Where is your fighting spirit young Taffy Bach ???!!!

    All the best from upbeat Eski Kanka Jim

  6. Anonymous3:59 pm

    Upbeat Eski kanka Jim - A pessimist is never disappointed! Wales haven't qualified for a tournemant since 1958, and I don't really see them qualifying anytime soon. For all the quality players (Giggs, Bellamy etc), there are three times as many players who play outside of the Premiership. I'm afraid the cup for me is 'half empty' on this one. Regards, and best of luck to Scotland.