Saturday, December 01, 2007


Greeting Kankas and Kankies.

Sometimes I wonder if ANKARAGUCU mirrors our lives ? Just when we think everything is `rosy` in the garden, along comes a swarm of locusts to spoil the pretty picture !

So, it transpired today when Eski Kanka's dream of UEFA Cup glory received a set-back in Konya.

Konyaspor 1 ANKARAGUCU 0

It is typical of the Ankara teams to flatter to deceive, but the least we could have expected today, taking into account the present form of both teams, was one point.

However, it proves yet again, if proof be needed, that you under-estimate the underdog at your peril !

When you consider that 2,000 ANKARAGUCU supporters made the journey to Konya (Maniac Kanka confirmed this) you can understand how much it means to the supporters to qualify for YooRo Footie (this writer is no exception) ! The supporters of ANKARAGUCU are `hungry` for success and beating teams like Konya (no disrespect to them !) is paramount to that aim. After all, don't we have a God given right as Turkey's 1st city to be in YooRo Footie?! (No answer is required to this question !!!).

So, what to do ? Good question !

I said in a post a few months ago that we had 7 matches which were `must win` matches. However, on only 3 have been won (Rize, Antep and Manisa) and 3 have been lost (OFTAS, Bursa and Konya). This is not the way forward ! The 7th is coming next weekend against Kasimpasa and dare we under-estimate them ?!

The solution is clear, as has been proved time and time again, we must WIN our home matches (which we have done) and take something from the away matches (which we have not). Simple philosophy me thinks !!

All is not lost ........ yet ! The acid test comes after the Winter Break when we must prove that we are good enough to represent Turkey !

If Maniac Kanka gives me more information about today's match I will post it as an EDIT. Battle Damaged Kanka sent me an email a few minutes ago to say that he listened to the match on the radio and that ANKARAGUCU missed a `sitter` in the dying minutes to tie the match up. I rest my case !!!

In the meantime, let's drown our sorrows in some luvvlie luvvle EFES and dream of picking up 3 points next week, and..... staying undefeated at home !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

EDIT No 1.....

Maniac Kanka hasn't reported back to me because he is still nursing a hangover from last night's non-celebrations, and tonight he is back in The Cappadokia for more `medicine` !!

What I can say about the match though is that Konya scored in the 39th minute and the damage was done by olde Veysel (remember him from many travelled footie teams ??!!).

It is sad to report that the man of the match (according to Hurriyet) was the Konya goalie, Oguzhan, who was the only player to receive 8 points. Konya also had another 3 players on 7 points, but..... ANKARAGUCU could only manage 6 players on 6 and 5 players on 5. Seems to paint a picture me thinks ?!

Incidentally, the referee and his 2 assistants only scored 4 points. Perhaps they were being hosted after the match at one of the many pubs in Konya after the match ??!! No comment please !!!

So, with only one more match `away` before the winter break (to Sekiztash !!) it would appear that ANKARAGUCU's record of only winning ONE match `on the road` will follow them into the 2nd half of the league season. Don't shout too loud, but, it was in `The Stadium from Hell` !!!

OK, that's about it. Roll on next Saturday and the visit of bottom team, Kasimpasa. Will we be hearing rousing coruses of the `Olay Olay Olay` song me wonders ??!! Watch this space kankas !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Dear Oz Kanka, I must inform you of some inconvenient information. You have been tagged. Therefore you must divulge 7 personal facts about yourself.

    I hope that you can find time to comply with this request. Look forward to reading your response.


  2. I suppose if our teams were to win every week it would just be boring, wouldn't it?

  3. No no no no no !!!

    Let's try and do it and see !!!