Tuesday, December 18, 2007


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

They say that when you copy the actions of others it can be referred to as the best form of flattery. Well, it seems that ANKARAGUCU’s Gecikondu Boys are copying the Kankarlar Group !

As everyone is well aware, our group is famous for the beautiful babes who are part of our group, and I’m not just referring to Mountaineering Kanka’s `Bilkent Babes` who have joined us recently. We can boast the most beautiful ladies of any of the ANKARAGUCU or Gencler groups. They are too numerous to name, but you all know exactly who I am referring to !!

So, it was with surprise and a smirk on my face this morning when I opened the Ankara Section of Hurriyet (Page 2) and saw the Gecikondu Boys photographed in the Stadium with 3 beautiful babes in the front all decked out in ANKARAGUCU kit.

So, as I said, where we lead……. others follow !!!

Another first for The Kankalar Group. What next ? Keep watching this space because there will always be surprises around the corner ! Our group is full of innovation, real characters, and some would say…… crazy guys !!

See you ALL on Saturday at The Chopin Bar.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. What exactly was our first?

  2. First group to have beautiful babes as members.

    First group to have an end of season B-B-Q.

    First group to organise an Ambassador to wear an ANKARAGUCU top and be photographed in it.

    First group to interview Kirita.

    First group to allow a Maniac to be a member.

    Shall I stop ??? I can think of more if you insist !!!

  3. Firsts (Part 2)....

    Apologies to Mountaineering Kanka for forgetting arguably the most important first....

    First group to put an ANKARAGUCU flag on top of Mount Kiliminjaro !

    and for Oz Kanka ....First group to ALMOST put a Gencler flag on the top of Mount Everest !!!!

    Looking to the future.... Eski Kanka's project is to put an ANKARAGUCU flag at the top of The North Berwick Law !!!

    Any more ???

  4. First to have a Genclerbirligi scarf at a Sydney FC game.

  5. Oh yes, and let's not forget we were the first group to have a Battle Damaged Kanka at The Battle of Kayseri !!!