Sunday, December 16, 2007

So who actually got to use my season ticket

I was thinking how I could write a cool post about me heading off to a Turkish restaurant in Auburn, Sydney, to watch the Genclerbirligi - Fenerbahce match where I would call all the emigrants from Ankara traitors for supporting an Istanbul team but in the end it proved to be too late at night (the match kicked off at 12:30 a.m.) and I had had too much to drink anyway.

So instead I found a TRT radio feed on my mum's computer and was jumping up and down when Genclerbirligi went ahead in the ninth minute thanks to a goal from Burhan.

Actually I thought Burhan must have missed because the radio announcer announced the goal in the sort of way that Turkish commentators react to goals scored by the Milli takim's opponents. Admittedly he didn't say "maalesef gol", nor were there many "touch bizim"s but it is still pretty clear which team the announcer is supporting tonight.

The rest of the first half was a bit of a blur for me but I think we had a couple more chances.

Still, 1-0 up at half time and I'm feeling slightly optimistic.

The time here is 1:30 a.m. and I'll be back again for the second half soon, as long as I don't collapse. Hopefully my final report (pending some lines I'm expecting from one of the kankas at the match) will be as upbeat as this one.

Second Half

Sorry about this, but I'm dieing here. Even though Genclerbirligi seem to be attacking again I simply cannot stay awake. And so I must go to bed. I know what I'll be dreaming for tonight.

Sir Eski Kanka, if you see this please at least edit this piece and put the final score here.

Not quite asleep

Well, actually I didn't crash... but there is no way I can describe what happened. My brain is just not working.

Oh shit. Fener have scored. 1-1 with about 25 minutes left.

Off to bed

86th minute: Fener go ahead. 1-2

Nick Carle comes on... about time!

"Pip, pip, pip" and that's it, Fener win it. How bloody depressing.

Actually if you want a better report, and you really can't get much worse, I suggest you head off to Nathan's Fenerbahce Worldwide site where I'm sure there will be a post up soonish. Or wait for one of the kankas who actually went to the match to give their report.

Good night.


  1. Hey, didn't this report remind you of one of those olde Hollywood movies when the good guys always won ??

    Yeah, but in this case the bad guys won !!

    I can't believe that Oz Kanka asked me to edit the score !! How could he possibly go to bed without knowing the final score ??!!

    So, I suppose we should congratulate Oz Kanka for seeing it out until the bitter end ?!!

    Maniac Kanka and I watched it on TV and I have to say that Gencler were never at any stage outclassed. Perhaps superior fitness and opportunism told in the end, but they were never disgraced.

    Ankaragucu and Gencler always seem to raise their games for the Big Matches, even if they don't win !

    After watching Gencler tonight, I can assure you that they will NOT be doing an `Ankaragucu` and fighting against relegation at the end of the season !!

    Stop press news.....

    Sekiztrash 3 Ankaragucu 1

    Report tomorrow when I cool down and unscramble my alcohol affected brain !!!

  2. Actually, I thought Genclerbirligi dominated the least through the first 60 or 65 minutes. Fener looked tired and bored, but Genclerbirligi contributed to a lot of Fener's problems. You guys certainly didn't look like a 16th-place team. I was very impressed. Fener did not deserve to win, but they sort of grinded it out in the end. I think Semih Senturk's first goal took the life out of Genc and the momentum really changed at that point. Both Burhan and Isaac Promise really impressed me, as well as your goalkeeper.

  3. Burhan develops himself each match, especially in the absence of Nick Carle -which is another story-. I'm looking at the stats: He was the playmaker of the team, playing most with the ball (12%). Mehmet Nas was brilliant: 27 passes on target, 7 tackles. However, after making critical saves, Gokhan conceded a Gokhanish goal again. 3.5 metres from the goal line, and Semih gets the trophy.

  4. fuck off announcer and fuck off istanbul!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Note for the unwary....

    Maniac Kanka doesn't like to waste time postulating with unnecessary words of wisdom. His motto is...

    Actions speak louder than words !!!