Monday, December 24, 2007

Not even a red card can save us

Not much from me this week as I just cannot be bothered. Part of that is because the weather is too nice were I am and the second being that Genclerbirligi are playing like complete idiots.

Sivasspor 2 - 0 Genclerbirligi

Sivas are flying high at the moment they have played well all season and are now atop the league table (which hopefully I'll get updated soon) and so a match away to them was never going to be easy. No surprise then when Sivas went 1-0 up after just eight minutes.

But then we were given a lifeline in the form of one of their players being sent off in the 36th minute.

But what do we do... nothing. And then just towards the end we concede another.

Dear, oh bloody dear.


  1. Anonymous2:30 pm

    Cheer up, Chris. At least Oftas kept the lions in their cages this wknd.

  2. There is only one thing which will cheer Chris up this week....

    Sunning himself on the Manly Beach with a can or two or three or four or more of Fosters in his hand and jumping into the oggin for a swim every now and then to do some shark dodging.

    Footie is off the menu for Oz Kanka for the time being anyway !!!

  3. Anonymous1:31 pm

    I hope Chris has more discerning taste than to drink Fosters while down under. Fosters would leave a worse taste in his mouth than the last GB match did. Plenty of much better beers to choose from.

  4. Castlemains Four XXXX for example ??

  5. Anonymous12:28 am

    No first-hand experience with any other than Foster's (which I thought was pure piss), a thought that was confirmed by every Australian I have ever had a conversation about beer with.

    I did a quick search on the net because, yes, I am that big a geek, and the Castlemains Four XXXX was given a good rating--if on tap--by a backpacking site--whatever the hell that means.

    The Aussies (Don't worry Chris; I am not pronouncing it with a /s/ but with a /z/) do have some interesting names on what are probably microbrews. Check these out.

    Murray's Sassy Blonde
    Jamieson The Beast IPA
    Bright Brewery Razor Wit
    Red Duck Golden Dragon

    Eski, that last one sounds perfect for some people you mentioned at our last Gücü party.

    Maybe Chris can fill us in on what he goes for when back home.

    Oh, yes, since this has been a long digression for a football blog, let us not forget that whatever the beer being drunk, wherever it is being drunk, and however refined or unrefined the palate of the drinker the proper toast remains the same: ANKARAGÜCÜ!!!!!!