Monday, December 31, 2007

We get read

Every now and then this blog actually gets read by someone out there in the wide world of football. In the last few days that someone was a supporter of Sydney FC who then posted my report on their loss to Perth.

The comments afterwards are interesting to read... a few complementary, a few questioning my judgement. Still, fun stuff, and then on page 2 of the comments it just gets bizarre with the following photo posted.

Check it all out at:

First page of comments

Second page of comments


  1. Interesting stuff from Down-Under !

    Concerning the photo, I wouldn't mind betting that he is hiding his face because he is a Fenerbahce fan wearing an ANKARAGUCU scarf to try and tarnish our `white as the driven snow` reputation !!!!

  2. Anonymous5:29 pm

    I don't know, Jim. Just look at some of the Ankaragücü videos on YouTube and you'll see that Guns, Efes, and Steel seem to feature prominently. I understand the Efes and the guns (given MKEK), but while I did see howitzers and waterjet disrupters on MKEK's page, I saw no cutlery.

  3. Anonymous5:51 pm

    "Ahhh. Its not until some foreign guy rates your games do you stop taking Australian football for granted. It was a good read."

    So, Chris, according to the second page comments, you've become "some foreign guy" in Australia now. Can we still refer to you as "Oz" kanka or should we change it to "yabancı kanka?" And maybe you can answer the question posed by one of the posters:

    Do you think the beer may have had something to do with the great time he (Chris) had? What about it, Chris?

  4. Well, I certainly feel foreign here. As for the beer affecting my perceptions... it has never affected my perceptions of some of the dross we are served up in Ankara.

  5. Off topic but is Nick Carle being sold to Bristol City? That was fast, even by Cavcav standards!

  6. Yes, he has gone. The curse strikes again !!!

    I'm praying that Kirita isn't next !!

    However, if Gencler don't beat Manisa today then Korkmaz could be next !!!