Friday, December 04, 2009

Breaking news: Reaction to World Cup draw

It was just a few balls drawn out of some punch bowls but we at "The round ball in Ankara" took tonight's World Cup draw very seriously. At the German Embassy tonight after a few wiessbiers it was all friendly banter between the Aussies and the Germans but my, oh my... are they cocky.

Oz Kanka to German Ambassador Eckart Cuntz : Ambassador, what do you think of the draw and are you scared you are going to play Australia.

Kuntz: I'm not at all scared.

Oz Kanka: Your not!

Because Germany is the best. But Australia can be happy to be with Germany. This is the top group.

It's not just the German ambassador who was happy to get Australia in the draw. I also spoke to Genclerbirligi coach Thomas Doll (the full interview will be published tomorrow).

Oz Kanka: What do you think of the draw? Is it good for Germany?

Yes, I think we have a good draw. Serbia and Ghana I think ... ah Australia is not a favourite in the group. I think it is clear Germany will pass the group.

Oz Kanka:
Do you realise that I'm from Australia?

It is quite difficult that Australia will pass from this group.

Ralf Zumdick (Gencler assistant coach): He is quite honest.

So that's it then. The Germans have already written us off. I can't wait until the kick-off.

A very big thank you to Lanky Kanka Jorg for inviting us to the German Embassy tonight. The full interview with Thomas Doll will be published tomorrow.


  1. Sorry I couldn't be there to join the fun and banter (work commitments !)

    I'm backing Australia to win the World Cup and play New Zealand in the final !!!

  2. Anonymous12:39 pm

    When it comes to self confidence the Germans have never exactly been shrinking violets.A trait which has served them very well over the years.

    Dublin Neil.

  3. I don't know if it has always served them well: they have had a habit of losing wars they thought they would win. But I'm pretty sure you meant in the world of football, Neil ;-)

    Pride goes before the fall. Hope Australia and Ghana both give Deutschland a good thrashing.

    Shit just learned of Gucu's defeat to Trabzon. Yep, getting rid of Hikmet Bey has helped the team sooooo much. Leave it to us to be the ones to end Trabzon's drought.