Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gencler fail to convert

It was off to the Beer Bus Saturday night where I found a small group of Ankaragucu kankas - Sir Eski, Connect, Philly, Kaleci - as well as Gencler supporter Flying Dutchman, who were all recovering from Ankaragucu's devastating loss.

Hopes weren't that high but the beer was cold and the pub started to fill up with Gencler fans such as Spine and a whole heap of Alkaralar people for a game of two very distinctive halves.

Galatasaray 1 - 0 Genclerbirligi

First half.... crap. We could easily have been down 3-0 with our defence in tatters. Galatasarary actually had two goals disallowed. One for handball and the other for offside. The least said about the half the better. The only good thing was that it ended 0 - 0.

Second half... much better. This should have gone at least 2-0 but for some crappy shooting from Kahe and a bit of bad luck.

Kahe twice found himself unmarked with the goal in front of him but both times sent the ball wide. Orhan later had a great header which hit the post. The game was all Gencler when Galatasaray made their break in the 77th minute with Keita sending in a short cross to Kewell who merely had to tap it in, much to the annoyance of Gencler coach Thomas Doll who seemed to be dressed up like Darth Vader, or possibly a Michelin Man.

That was that. A bit depressive but we played nicely in the second half. Now for the winter break and a month of weekends in which we curl up and freeze. Happy Christmas everyone.


  1. Agreed. Gencler could and should have won the bloody match. Was it nerves or trepidation that let Gencler down ? CimBom was there for the taking, but they bottled out !

    Oz Kanka didn't mention the referees ! How many referees would have denied TWO 'goals' to CimBom ?? Answer .... not too many !

    So, after the discussion I had with Flying Dutchman Kanka Carlo on this subject, I think it is only fair to praise them. It's not often that happens on this blog !!

    Kuddusi Muftuoglu, Ismail Sencan and Serdar Akcer did what ALL referees SHOULD do, and that is be impartial. Well done to them.

    However, unfortunately, the Hurriyet (being an Istanbul leaning newspaper) didn't see it that way and only awarded marks out of ten as 5/6/6 respectively.

    What a load of wankers !!!

    On another note, it was a great atmosphere in the Beer Bus last night and so nice to be made welcome !

  2. Anonymous9:58 pm

    Pity Ireland didnt have that referee in Paris last month!!Kahe not clinical enough,looked as if he couldnt believe the chances that came his way and just wasnt decisive on each occasion.

    Dublin Neil.