Sunday, December 13, 2009


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Only Messrs Ozkahya, Narinc and Kan know the real answer ! The kankas watching the match know it is the former !! Was Ankaragucu's '3rd goal' over the line when it was cleared ? Everyone, except the referee and his assistant 'linesman' could see it was ! All I can say is ..... may they burn in Hell !!!

Fenerbahce 3 ANKARAGUCU 2

The kankas met up in The Chopin Bar. I was first in and didn't receive the normal warm welcome. Apparently the manager didn't want any Ankaragucu supporters in the pub, but Fener supporters were made welcome ! However, one of the waiter's found me a table 'in the corner'. This after being regulars for about 4 years ! Time to review our loyalties me thinks, but more of that in another post next week.

I was joined by Oz Kanka, Maniac Kanka and his buddy Nurer, Connect Kanka and his beautiful lady Ayisha, Venezuela Kanka Rom and Celtic Kanka Joe.

The match was played to an empty stadium as a punishment to Fener's fans behaviour during the Kasimpasa match a couple of weeks ago.

Ankaragucu's starting line up was -

El-Yasa, Brabec, Baki Lentil and Broggi
Hurriyet, Adem, Cihan
Metin and Aydin

2nd half substitues used were Meye, Konate and Volkan

Fener dominated the opening exchanges but the Ankaragucu defence, Senecky in particular, held firm, and after the initial flurry had subsided, Ankaragucu started to come more into the match.

However, I wasn't too happy that Vassell was being asked to plough a lone furrow up front with support coming from Aydin, Metin, Cihan and Hurriyet from the midfield.

The first goal arrived on the half hour mark and surprise surprise ..... it was from a defensive blunder. Mr Lentil and Brabec got themselves into a tangle going for the same ball and the breakaway was on with Alex slotting it in with Senecky left exposed and helpless.

Ankaragucu to their credit got stuck in and were chasing every ball - sometimes shadows ! It was all end to end stuff now, and to be honest, Fener was looking like adding another.

Then, just before the half time whistle a truly fantastic goal fashioned by Metin and Vassell. A breakaway attack, a through ball from Aydin to Metin. Without hesitating, he backheeled the ball into the path of Vassell and .... whooosh ..... goal ! Defo a candidate for goal of the season.

Into the 2nd half then and what a start. In Ankaragucu's first attack, Vassell this time turned provider with a cut back on the left for Aydin to sidefoot it in.

Fener were wobbling for a few minutes but Ankaragucu couldn't find the killer touch to put the match out of their reach. Half way through the 2nd half that man Alex again pounced to score the equaliser. I was thinking at this stage ....well, I suppose on the balance of play it was a fair result.

But ..... that irritating bassa Guiza pops up near the end to score the winner (I thought it looked offside but I can't be 100% certain). Grrrrrrrr !!!

In the closing minutes, Meye had two shots on goal which on any other day would have gone in. One rebounded off the bar and the other went just past the post.

Then came the '3rd goal' incident. No doubt Ankaragucu was robbed of a share of the spoils. As I said earlier, it was defo over the line when the ball was hoofed clear. Now we can understand how the Irish players felt when Henry scored 'that goal' !!

So, a very good performance from Ankaragucu with Senecky taking the Man of the Match award from me. More performances like this will see Ankaragucu winning, as long as they don't have to play against 14 !!!

Next weekend Ankaragucu will be at home to Sivas in the last match before the winter shut-down. This becomes a MUST WIN match if ever there was one !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. may them burn in hell?..

    i guess this would be a kind statement for those son of a bitches , may them eternally rot and be cloaked in shit!!!

    i wish the arrangers of this blog had tore down their suspects about senecky after his brilliant match i told many times , he is an upgraded goalkeeper for us and probably the most precious member of the saw last night , if there was serkan infront of nets , we would concede 6 or 7 goals in a half!!i'm glad we have stefan in our team and got rid of retarded serkan.

    we love you senecy , train hard bro!!!

    defeat of last night's architects are no doubt elyasa and baki.they completely screwed the game up , couldnt manage to struggle with opponent and even couldnt tip over the high-balls!!!and of course the bastard in the bench who is called as fikret yılmaz is the main responsible since he cut ediz off from first 11 and instead of him resorted to moron mr.lentil and brabec who bears ponderosity!also koray is much more worthy than elyasa in my opinion , i wish board will kick elyasa's ass not to come back again!!!

    vassell was good and will be better following times , he began to catch up his old days in aston villa as i observed...

    and as my last words , junior gokcek can go to hell as well on account of his silly decision to leave the whole team to idiot fikret bey so that his irrelevent line-ups made us lost 8 points in 3 games!!!

    ankaragücü means anguish for supporters , i worry this will never alter itself ;(

  2. Anonymous1:39 pm

    I was very proud of the team last night. It was a massive improvement on last weeks performance. We deserved a point at least.

    Celine, i agree with most of what you say apart from Sencky. He was good last night but the rest of the games he looked a bit dodgey. Where is Serkan anyway ? and what about Senamela, sosibo, risp and bebbe have they left the club ?

    Back to the game, I agree with you on Elyasa and Brabrec, why did he drop Ediz as for me he is our best centre half. I was very impressed with Aydin Karabault.

    Vassell did well but he needs support like he got from Meye in the second half. I was also impressed with Meye and Konate when they came on.

    We need to get a good manager in the now and bring in two quality players in january.

    As Jim said Sivas is a must win at home next week.


  3. fuck off refree fuck off istanbul!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. senamela wasn't accredited during the training season in summer and then the board abolished his deal.

    sosibo and risp were also another examples of abolishment for the sake of ankaraspor's foreigners.from my standpoint , risp's departure was a huge mistake as we saw last night : there is still no appropriate defender to fit beside ediz.baki and brabec can go to second-class relegation teams!!!

    bebbe is still under the club's crew but it seems he will have to leave ankara in october.

  5. Anonymous5:08 pm

    thanks for the infor celine. For me Ediz and Risp would have been a better pairing than most. It also surprises me that Illhan Parlak hasnt been involved more as he is highly rated


  6. Anonymous7:05 pm

    In addition to a qualified Techinical manager , Ankaragücü also needs atleast 3 more players ( defence, midfield and forward ) with the same mentality with Hürriyet.
    Please take care about Fener's 3rd goal he was Hürriyet who was triying to prevent the goal on behalf of senecky and look our 3rd goal which was cancelled by the referee as per the instruction given by Yıldırım in coordination with TFF.
    Hürriyet was everywhere and he was the only player who was giving all his effort and spirit to his team.


  7. Anonymous8:19 pm

    Having viewed the action I have to say Gucu were robbed of a point.Marathon channel's technology showed the ball to be clearly over the line.Can see why Fener were unhappy about the lead up to Gucu's second goal but over all a draw would have been a fairer result.Which brings us back to the question of how Gucu can perform like that against the big boys and then disappoint with their showings and results against so called "lesser" teams.Not sure what bracket Sivas fall into these days but 3 points would be very welcome before the break.

    Dublin Neil.

  8. Connect Kanka10:04 pm

    This was the best I've seen us play in long time. I'd say that we were with Fener the entire match. Naturally, the result is disappointing, particularly with the contested circumstances at the end. But it's a good sign that we are finally getting things together on the pitch. While I agree with Volkan that we are still a few players short of a truly solid team, I'm still just happy to witness a bit of quality football.

    I also agree with Eski Kanka that it might be reasonable to reconsider Chopin as our venue for watching matches. The manager was very cold to me when I came in, which I find completely unacceptable considering the number of yabancıs I've brought there over the past year. We should not tolerate his brand of Istanbul support.

  9. Any word on bars in Genclik park?

  10. As the Ingallish say...

    We woz robbed.....the ball was so far over the line it was a joke. Obviously Aziz resigning as the clubs union chairman because of the unfair decisions against his precious Fucking Budgies had its effect as once again they kicked, fought, dived and cheated their way to a win in front of another empty stadium. Personally they should burn that shithole down and use it for something useful.....any suggestions

  11. I'll be putting a post up soon about our venue change. Watch this space.

    As for Gulay's suggestion, why don't they sell their bloody 'stadium' to I.M.Gokcek. After all, one of his hobbies is collecting football stadiums ! Oh yes, and then Fener could share with CimBom at Ali Sami !! Like it ???

  12. Mountaineering Kanka4:16 am

    Our pride burns brighter than ever! Lai Lai LAI! Fuck Istanbul's tactics. The referee was PAID! Do you hear me TFF!?! I think the whole lot of you need to be lined up naked against the wall and have golf balls hit at you! MK out.

  13. Hmmmm, Mountaineering Kanka's form of punishment is interesting, but not severe enough me thinks !

    I prefer Celine's infliction in the first comment !!!