Saturday, December 05, 2009

We interrogate Gencler coach Thomas Doll

From left to right: Zakumi, Oz Kanka, Thomas Doll, Ralf Zumdick and Lanky Kanka Jorg.

Last night I managed to corner Genclerbirligi coach Thomas Doll between a wall and the mascot of the World Cup to be held in South Africa. It was the sort of knock 'em down drag 'em out interview that only "The round ball in Ankara" can be subjected to. I'm sure it was supposed to be the other way around.

Oz Kanka: I wrote these questions a couple of weeks ago on the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Where were you and how did you feel?

Doll: I was in Leipzig, in preparation for a World Cup game against Austria.

Oz Kanka: And how did you feel when the wall fell?

Doll: At first I couldn't believe what happened. I called my family and I was very, very happy at what happened.

Oz Kanka: You later played for the united German team, were there any problems between the west and east German players in the team.

Doll: (not quite understanding the question but nonetheless offering an interesting insight) The difference the both leagues were that the Bundesliga was much more public. The system was that in the Bundesliga it was much more quicker, on much more a higher level.

Oz Kanka: Fast forward to six months ago when you became Genclerbirligi's coach. Weren't you scared because Gencler had gone through so many coaches over the last few years.

Doll: We spoke together (with Doll's assistant coach and obvious good mate Ralf Zumdick) for this situation because it is not normal for there to be so many trainers. It is not an easy job. It is a challenge.

Oz Kanka: How different is it to train a team here in Turkey as compared to Germany.

Doll: We make the same training here in Turkey as we did in Germany. Now the boys have adapted very good. I think they have made a step forward. I think there is still a difference between the the German Bundesliga and the Super Lig but this is a challenge for us.

Oz Kanka: And where do you want to see Genclerbirligi at the end of the season?

Doll: This is the first season for us and last year Gencler were lucky to stay in the Super Lig. We are happy now that the boys are confident with us and we are in a safe place at the moment.

Oz Kanka: In the next couple of weeks we will be into the transfer season. Have the management given you money for more players?

We are in discussions now ... but there are lots of players who are under contract. We can't send away players who are under contract . So we have to look at getting some new players... but it is not easy.

Oz Kanka: Now for the serious questions.... Cheese, or chocolate?

Doll: (without hesitation) Chocolate.

Oz Kanka: What is your favourite drink?

Doll: Apple juice with water.

Oz Kanka: Apple juice with water?

Doll: You mean drink at a bar?

Oz Kanka:

Doll: Ah, red wine.

Oz Kanka: Your favourite footballer?

Doll: Ahh.. Messi

Oz Kanka: Finally, Heidi Klum or Claudia Schiffer?

Doll: None of them.

Oz Kanka: Are you a man?

A slight discussion in German between Ralf and Thomas then ensues and then Thomas goes for the host of tonight's World Cup draw

Doll: Charlize Theron.

Oz Kanka: Thank you very much Mr. Doll and the very best of luck on Sunday against Denizlispor.

Thank you. And who are you?


  1. Anonymous12:56 pm

    Well done Oz Kanka.You make very nice interview in the circumstanzen.Doll has been playing before for Hamburger SV,the best team in the world.Now he is with shizer Gencler in the Turkish hell.

    Dublin Neil

    ps that was an impression of how my German cousin Erik would have replied to that post (with a nod to my other post in the World Cup Draw thread!)By the way Erik is from Hamburg.

  2. I am aghast ! Surely every footie fanatik in the world has heard of The Round Ball in Ankara, especially Web Master and Chief Interviewer Oz Kanka Chris ??!! Shame on Mr Doll !

    Agree with Dublin Neil. Excellent (and entertaining) interview from Oz. Well done.

  3. Had me laughing out loud. Great stuff, Oz.

  4. Connect Kanka Steve9:59 pm

    Doll strikes me as a bit of a stick in the mud.

  5. I forgot to mention that he has only been learning English since he got to Ankara. So you have to give him some leeway.

  6. Anonymous3:17 pm

    Well done Chris..

    Doll told me after the match against Denizli that he NOW knows about this fantastic blog and he will keep an eye on it...
    I think it was a very nice draw evening with the tipical italian luck (may be our Fc Stiefel could made it to the next round in that group...) with lots of Weißbier and sausages.. a nice atmosphare - and a coach who wasn't saccked before Oz Kanka was able to get his interview ;)...
    Even if my last 2 weeks are coming, it was -like always- a pleasure to organize something with my dear Kankas..
    Chris,Jim, keep on going, best regards,
    Lanky Kanka "Jörg"

  7. Lanky Kanka, are you leaving again?