Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The Ankarakara Derby will take place at 19 Mayis Stadium on Saturday KO 2pm.

Ankaragucu is the home team, so Gencler Boys will be confined to the away section.

With Oz and Spine in Istanbul partying at a wedding, and using Maniac Kanka's mathematics, that means there will only be 37 Gencler supporters. However, if the Flying Dutchman attends that could push the 'crowd' up to 38 !!!

Meeting at the Beer Bus Bar as normal and going to the stadium at about 1pm.

See you there for what is an important match for both teams, bearing in mind their precarious league positions !

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. 37 it is! Afraid I am at the friggin wedding as well. Dammit I won't be able to see 6 Nations either :-|

  2. Shock horror !!

    That means that the Ankaragucu Kankas (all TWO of them - Damon and Jim !!) will have to celebrate on our own without you glum looking Gencler boys !!!

    Bring it on ...... and who needs optimism pills with the Gencler contingent AWOL !!!

  3. No, no, no Jimbo. Us Gencler fans will be dancing a victory misket in Istanbul this weekend.

  4. Interesting piece of news. The Vittek transfer did not go through. Ümit said Vittek may make an appearance in the derby. Got the news from Erman, then looked further. Seems credible.

  5. Anonymous10:08 pm

    that is good news if true damon, i had heard his contract was canx, maybe its been sorted. Also its been confirmed tonight Umit Ozat will move on after the derby. He will resign. Yaaaaaaaas. Names been linked to take over are Mesut Bakkal and Jurgen Rober ex ankaraspor manager


  6. Let's play the 'wait and see' game and then give Umit Bey a victorreeeee send off !

    As for Vittek .... mmmm .... I'll only believe it when I see him in an Ankaragucu top warming up to play !!!