Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Audio for the blog?



  1. Great song from a great singer.

    However, I guess the sari/lacivert will be doing all the singing on Saturday !!!

  2. Quite possibly. This was just a test to see how we can get audio onto the blog (without having to pay for hosting). Seems to work fine.

  3. Indeed it does. Whatcha intend to use it for? Match reports?

  4. My guess is that Chris is going to try and do a mini-podcast similar to the one which has been so successful for Ata.

    A good idea if I'm right, or ..... if I'm wrong, then I'll slink off under the table and continue to drink my luvvlie yummy Efes !!!

  5. Sir Eski's Jim's guess is wrong, as usual. I was thinking of using it more for stuff like Nadeem's short interview we did for Ata's podcast, or if we manage to grab a player or just random footy stuff. Nothing regular, just every now and then.

  6. Kenny Miller. Who would have guessed three years ago that anyone could say this about the turkish league?

    He said: "In Turkey, the league is tougher and that is why there are
    more candidates for the title. It makes it far more competitive
    whereas in Scotland, it's only Celtic or Rangers that can win it. We
    are still hopeful we can win the league, although our last couple of
    results have been disappointing."

  7. Great quote and great turn of events here in Turkey. Of course, I know a Fenerbahce fan who just claims the overall level of football has gone down and that is why it is more competitive. Of course he was also saying this before they moved into first in the league. Hope Gencler do to Fener what they did to us on Saturday.