Friday, February 04, 2011

Latest news on Ankaragucu !

First of all to start with the good news. We have completed the loan signing of Roman Bednar from West Brom. For those of you who dont know anything about him, he is a Czech International striker whose main asset is his power and strength. Me and Jim know of Bednar from his time in Scotland with Hearts. He was part of the Hearts team who finished second in the League a few years back. He isnt an out and out striker, but will cause problems for defences due to his size, and will create goals aswell.

Bednar's arrival comes with the expected departure of Robert Vittek who is still awaiting Fifas decision on weather he can move to Salzburg in a £3.7 Million Euro deal. Theo Weeks has joined Caykur Rizespor on loan until the end of the season.

The bad news, follows Battle Damaged Kanka Damons report on the Manisaspor match, with the incident between Umit Ozat and Irsad Kharaman. The TFF have banned Umit Ozat for 6 games and also fined him, but the big news is that Ankaragucu have been handed a 1 match stadium ban. This will be the game against Besiktas next week. How the TFF came to this decision due to one fan and our Manager is beyond me.



  1. Whoa, hadn't read anything about the stadium ban. That is harsh.

    The good news is that we won't have to look at Ümit's bloated body, pacing up and down for awhile.

    So here's one for you, Nadeem. I'm pretty sure FIFA will allow the transfer to go through, but on the off chance that FIFA decides not to allow it, does Vittek wind up staying here?

  2. He will stay in ankara damon, but he wont play because the foreign quota has been used up. Thats why Theo was moved to Rizespor so that his space could free up one for Roman Bednar. Our other signing Jarioslav Cerny hasnt been granted a licence to play and wont play until next season either.

    Ive also been told the management have insisted on Umit staying on as manager


  3. Just watched the Bursa match. Sivasspor is not to be taken lightly this half. Hopefully the other teams will have demoralized them by the time Gencler and AG see them in the 31st and 32nd weeks respectively.

    They fought for everything and at many points in the match looked every bit the equal of Bursa. Forward Kamil Grosicki, who I believe is a recent acquisition, in particular, impressed me.

  4. Yeah, the fact that Umit is not going anywhere has been all over the papers now.

    As far as Cerny is concerned, I'm seeing the problem has been solved, or is soon to be solved, and that the problem had nothing to do with the number of foreign players but rather a bad break with his former team Slavia Prag.

  5. Anonymous12:34 am

    Yeah Damon, the lad Kamil Growcicki is apparently a top prospect.

    I thought the foreign thing was strange as we had enough space for him. So Cerny will be available soon then ? as for Umit, why are the Gokceks so happy with him ?


  6. Grosicki is a very exciting player to watch, and he is only 22.

    From the reports I read, it seems possible that we might even see Cerny today.

    "as for Umit, why are the Gokceks so happy with him ?"

    :) Nadeem, wish I knew. Maniac has said that there is something going on between the Gokceks, the old management, and the fan group leaders that nobody else is privy to right now. Perhaps it will come out at some point, or maybe not.

  7. Anonymous2:37 pm

    the drama of ankaragucu never fails to amaze me damon lol.

    Hopefully we can pick up the three points today although kayserispor are a good side. But if we play the way we can we can win it.


  8. Baggie Kanka Dave3:24 pm

    Baggie Kanka Dave says:
    Bednar should prove a great signing for Ankaragurucu if he stays fit. He has been with W Brom for several years now, and is a favourite of a lot of the fans. He has always scored goals when W Brom are in the Championship and is a physical, committed, player, but he has never been good enough when the Baggies are in the Premier league. Boing Boing Baggies! (just hoping we are not relegated again!)
    Up the Strong Men!

  9. Anonymous4:30 pm

    Very harsh ruling by the TFF.Surely Ankaragucu should appeal this decision?Besiktas game would have drawn a big gate too.the coach's punishment and a lifelong ban for the fan (as understandable as his actions were) would have sufficed.

    Dublin Neil.