Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How Umit Ozat helped Ankaragucu achieve notoriety in Europe before getting sacked

I think we all hoped it would go differently (although many of us knew it wouldn't). Many fans dreamed of the Gokceks and Umit lifting the team to the top of the league from where the team would then go on to make a name for themselves in Europe.

Well, we have made a name for ourselves in Europe (the video has apparently broken viewing records in Spain) but not by playing quality football. Instead, Umit has smeared his own name, the name of Ankaragucu, and the name of Turkish football in Europe by acting like a world class maganda (hard word to translate, but let's just say someone with no class whatsoever). It is not just his stomping on the fan, who was clearly out of line by jumping onto the field and coming at Umit, but it was Umit's incessant provocation of the fans and his failure to win matches that brought us to this point.

Photos nicked from Vatan Gazetesi

It is no surprise then that Ankaragucu and Umit will now be parting ways. At some point during a nearly 5 hour meeting with Melih Gokcek, Umit received the news that his services were no longer desired.

One thing is certain. Should Umit ever receive another coaching position for a Superlig team, he will not receive the warm welcome that Hikmet Karaman and Murat Erdoğan of Manisaspor received upon their recent return appearance in Ankara.

Photos nicked from Hürriyet Gazetesi


  1. This is even better than the tazer incident last year at the Phillies.

    Does anyone know if Lamerre is on somebody's speed dial?

    Minor Kanka reunion today taking place in NYC with Philly and Connect Kanka. Glyn and Emma will also be present.

  2. Anonymous1:07 am

    good post damon, it really was unreal watching it live on the internet. I wonder who will replace umit now.

    Yeah it was amazing to see the reception hikment and erdogan got, brialliant


  3. @Jamie: Well, hope you guys have fun. It won't be the same as the Beer Bus but I'm sure you can find a substitute, and that substitute will undoubtedly have a better selection of beers.

    @Nadeem: Yeah, you would have thought Hikmet and Erdoğan were royalty, and it wasn't just after the match. The Hikmet chants started long before the match got started and continued throughout.

    Oh, and, I sent this to you via facebook, but I'll repeat the bad news here. Theo Weeks is indeed on loan to Caykur Rizespor. We'll miss you Mr. Weeks.

  4. Yes, an excellent post from Damon, even if it's not exactly the type of 'action' we like to see !

    Amazing lack of self control from Umit and his departure will not be grieved by any Ankaragucu fan. I wouldn't be surprised if Hakan Kutlu is brought back to fill the void !

    I too would have applauded Hikmet and Erdogan if I had been there. It was a sad day when they both left the Club.

    Amazed to hear that Weeksie has been loaned out. We need someone with his fighting spirit and never-say-die attitude alongside Sapara.

    Best wishes to the Yankee Kankas across the Pond and hope Jamie manages to control Steve's aggression !!! I have an idea ... just feed him Bud and he'll stay sober !!!

  5. Jim,

    It was really fantastic seeing Hikmet Bey make the rounds of all the tribunes. And then Erdoğan came out in the middle of the pitch with his AG scarf and connected with the fans as well. Great stuff.

    Ümit is just a nut case. Good to see him go.

    But I think Jamie is right: if we can get Lamerre back, that would be ideal. He really worked some magic when he was here.

  6. Anonymous2:56 pm

    guys it looks like the reason theo has been loaned to Rizespor is to free up a foreign space. We are set to complete this free transfer of Roman Bednar who me an jim know from his time at Hearts, big poewerfull striker who doesnt have a great scoring record.

    Anyone know if vittek has left the club ?


  7. Are we sure Ozat's gone? Milliyet have Big Gokcek saying "Ozat'la Devam" today. But I may be behind the curve.

  8. I guess it's like Mubarek. (and Zumdick). He's there until he's not.

  9. I haven't seen any reports that Ozat has resigned and flown to Saudi Arabia either.

  10. Shit, looks like there has been some back peddling where Ümit is concerned. We'll just have to wait and see. Hopefully he won't say that he wants to die on the soil of 19 of May Stadium; although, if he did, there would be plenty of AG supporters around who would be happy to oblige him.

  11. Nadeem,

    This is wild. Here is the deal with Vittek at the moment.


  12. Anonymous1:55 am

    dissapointing re vittek, he must have just liked the money here, Bednar will come in and give us physical pressance up front.

    Jim hope you enjoyed hibs win tonight, Its off to london i go