Monday, January 31, 2011

Yasin shows some class for Genclerbirligi

A point away from home. That'll do me.

Gaziantep 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

Waiting for the Gencler match to kick off a small group of us Gencler fans were packed into the corner of the Beer Bus watching the Istanbul BBS - Besiktas match. There was all sorts of shouting and swearing from the Besiktas fans but for us the best part was the looks on their faces when we all jumped for joy as Istanbul BBS got the winner. Excellent stuff.

Forget about that match though as I'm supposed to be writing about Gencler.

Battle Hardened Kanka Damon joined me having come from the 19 Mayis and we settled down to gossip and some football. Gencler started okay with new fellow Mununga having a good shot on goal in the first few minutes. It was all a bit "meh" for a while though as Antep seemed to take control. They ended up taking total control in the 38th when they pounced on a ball after Serdar had made a good save. It was looking like one of those nights as Antep went into the half time break 1-0 up.

Second half though was quite a different affair. Yasin and Harbuzi came on and we looked like a different team. Pretty much it was back to good counter attacking footy and it was Yasin who equaled things up with a great run and a brilliant shot. He shot off from the halfway line, sprinted like hell and just when I thought he was going to pass he took a shot from 30 yards that the Antep keeper had no chance of saving.

We kept on attacking but couldn't find a winner. Still, as I said, a point away isn't too bad.

Yasin is starting to look like quality, Mununga too. I'm not sure that Ermin Zec is 100 percent fit yet and we certainly need Jedinak back. If we continue to play like we did in the second half we certainly won't be going down. Being a pessimist though, I wouldn't be surprised if we are getting the calculators out near the end of the season.


  1. Well Done Gencler. I'll take a point away at Antep.

    btw, have we seen that Freddy Adu is off to Rizespor? Not quite the career Championship Manager would have predicted

  2. Now let us hope Es-Es come away with a win against Konya. We need those who are down to stay down.

  3. Good morning all. Here's a little titbit from Umit Ozat, which I think is probably true:

    "One day, somewhere there's sure to be a murder. It might be a player, or a coach, or an administrator, or a chairman. I promise you."

    Source: Anatolia citing interview with NTV Spor.

  4. I used to think that he was a normal person !!!

  5. And from the Department of STAND YOUR GROUND, EGYPTIAN: