Thursday, January 27, 2011

Genclerbirligi progress while Ankaragucu Crash Out !

First of all Well done to Genclerbirligi in joining Bucaspor in the Quarter Finals of the Turkish Cup. The road to Kayseri is going to be difficult but you never know in cup competitions.

Im sure Oz Kanka and Jim will update us with reports on tonights games, Fenerbahce won 2-1 against Gencler while Ankaragucu drew 0-0 at Yenni Malatayaspor. It seems such a long time ago where we won 4-2 at home to Fenerbahce in what was our most difficult match, 3 draws later and were out.

Umit Ozat must take the blame, and the players share this also. We sacked first of all Hikmet Karaman who never had the financial backing which Umit had, he is now above us in the league with Manisaspor, we then decided against giving Roger Lemmere a contract and Umit is no futher forward with the money he has had. Still he chooses to play players out of position, still he hasnt addressed our weak backline, and he cant get away with these poor results any longer.

The decision to play a weakened team at home to Buca has came back to haunt us, and this is Umits decision, i dont know what the team is tonight but whoever was on the park should have been able to beat Yenni. Including our pre season games we have only scored 2 goals in our last 6 games. Not good enough, and to make things even more worrying, Umit has no relationship with the fans.

Im sorry, but its time to do yourself and Ankaragucu a favour Umit Ozat, and walk with a bit of pride.

In other news its been reported Ankaragucu have signed Mehmet Aykuz, and ex Genclerbirligi player who has played the last few seasons in the lower leagues, his last team Linyitspor.


  1. just to update tha ankaragucu kankas, we had a strong team out tonigh
    fathi tekke came on as sub so no excuses

  2. Mountaineering Kanka4:10 am

    Very disappointing. I really thought we were going through. Congrats and good luck to Gencler.

  3. @Bellshill Kanka Nadeem: If we had a strong team out there, it is possibly more upsetting because according to some reports at least, Malatya sent out a weaker team.

  4. No report from me on the Gencler match as we were only half watching. Fener scored the first from a penalty, the second from a free kick. Ours came from Serkan. Gencler seemed to look okay but I can't really say as most of the time I was practising darts. I beat up Spine by the way :)

  5. Anonymous11:40 am

    It's true, he did.

  6. Spine, will you register at some stage! Took me five minutes to understand the context of that last "Anonymous" message.