Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gencler lose again at home..... nothing new there

Genclerbirligi 0 - 1 Eskisehirspor

These are testing days. Genclerbirligi are down near the relegation zone and we need points.

It's not easy being a Gencler fan. We are ridiculed by the vast majority of those who live in Ankara. We are ridiculed by our own club who refuse to hold on to good players. We are ridiculed by the Ankara media in the way that they give us almost no space on their sports pages.

But I'm still a Gencler fan, but by god this is a difficult position to hold.

Watching tonight's match was painful in the extreme.

Eskisehir are not a brilliant club - pretty pedestrian in my view - but we were crap. Spine was yawning throughout the match and I can't blame him. The only reason I wasn't yawning was because I had to deal with all sorts of silly questions from Little Oz Kanka (Questions like - why don't we attack? or, Why don't we defend?, or Can we go home?). All of which makes me think - What have I done? I have forced my only son to support Genclerbirligi. What sort of a father am I?

Not only that, later on Saturday night he was telling his mother and me that when he has children he will make them support Genclerbirligi! Are we torturers? Have we subjected our unborn grandchildren to misery?

I can't bring myself to talk about the match. It was crap. The Eskisehir goal should not have stood... either there was a handball or an offside. Having said that though we certainly didn't deserve a bloody thing.

I'll continue to support Genclerbirligi, but if we keep this it up I'll soon be buying a season ticket for the second division. Not sure if even Little Oz Kanka can take that humiliation. But of course, I'll force him to take it on the chin.


  1. A message for Little Oz Kanka ....

    Love Gencler and be thankful that you don't support Hibs or FC Syndney !!!

    Forget prophesies about relegation. Gencler is good enough to dig themselves out of this hole, and ...... they will !

  2. Its worrying the form Gencler are in at the moment, however Kasimpasa look a definate for the drop and Konyaspor i think will go as well. The final place is going to be a battle which Gencler are going to face the likes of Bucaspor and Sivas.

    I think Gencler can get out of it, it would be nice if Mustafa Pektemek was back though

  3. No wonder Spine couldn't update me on Twitter about the match. And I wanted to find a stream for it. I'll have to check the highlight of the goal.