Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

After all the excitement ..... or .... non-excitement of League business last weekend, it is back to the Turkish Cup action tomorrow ...... Thursday.

Both matches in the Group will KO at 8pm and these are going to decide who goes through to the knock-out stage.

Fener v Gencler
Malatya v Ankaragucu

This will be a true test of Kanka loyalty. Why ?

Let's see how many 'real' kankas come to The Beer Bus Bar to support Gencler in the 'live' match, or ..... how many stay at home ??!

I'll be a little late (business) but ........... I'll be there to support Gencler. As for Ankaragucu, if they don't win then ........ God is the only person who can help Umit Bey !!!

Look forward to seeing you there, or ......... will I be on my own again ??!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous12:58 am

    im up for it all the way back here in scotland, mon the ankaragucu lets get through to the next round,and gencler to.

    Jim, your Hibs are a poor lot, they could be in big trouble


  2. It's times like these Nadeem when loyalty is put to the test !

    You can be sure that I will be in Easter Road Stadium on Wednesday for the important 'six pointer' against St Mirren.

    I know I've said it many times on this Blog, but this match really is a MUST WIN match !

    In the meantime, let's hope that Gencler and Ankaragucu don't do a Trabzon, Bursa and Fener and exit the Cup tonight !!

  3. Well, having watched the Trabzon match last night, it was pretty clear that Senor Gunes sacrificed the cup to help guarantee a win against FB this wknd. which in turn will help secure their position as league leaders.

    Obviously, Ankaragucu have no such dilemma to deal with. No excuses. We need to win.

  4. I'll be at the Red Lion tonight watching the matches, if anyone wants to join me... please do.

  5. Eski does that mean you too will be at the Red Lion Club?

  6. I have business in Kizilay tonight, so I'll be in The Beer Bus Bar at about 9pm to see the 2nd half.