Thursday, January 20, 2011

The referee

The Referee | Rättskiparen [2010] from Freedom From Choice AB on Vimeo.

Remember the fellow who allowed Henry's goal to stand and thus deny Ireland a place in the World Cup? Imagine what it must have been for him afterwards. Imagine no more as this brilliant Swedish documentary followed him for six months before the "incident".

This is one dark tale of being a professional referee. I highly recommend it.

From the blurb: "World class football referee Martin Hansson had a successful journey towards his vision in life, the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. Then one dark night in Paris on November 18th, 2009, all hell broke loose..."


  1. Anonymous9:14 am

    Stewart in the Glasgee Daily Record:

    Says Gencler owe him £2 million. He's taken them to fifa.

    He said: "It's disappointing I've had to resort to the route of going
    to FIFA to honour my two-year contract but I don't have any other

    "Unfortunately, I had to go for a minor ankle op the week before the
    start of the season to tidy up some wear and tear and things
    deteriorated in my relationship with the club.

    "I tried hard to make it work but the club steadfastly refused to
    honour my contract or pay my wages while I was out injured. They took
    a firm stance and told me that, effectively, because I was injured
    they wouldn't pay me.

    "I argued back that if it was part of my contract that would be
    acceptable but that was not the case.

    "Yes, they were disappointed at having to keep shelling out money for
    a player who had picked up an injury but that's why contracts are

    "What if I had agreed not to be paid and then returned to the team and
    broken my leg the very next game?

    "Actually, one of the reasons I was comfortable going to this specific
    club was the fact everyone I spoke to, including those in the Turkish
    game, recognised it as a club where you were guaranteed your money.

    "Other European and Australians at the club, who are playing, are
    being paid but all bets were off for me."

  2. Anonymous9:14 am

    on Kenny Miller and Turkey in general:

    He said: "From the few games I saw, Kenny will do well over there. I
    was a bit surprised by the standard - I expected better, to be honest,
    especially from the top clubs.

    "I'm sure he will do very well. I've seen some crap players in Turkey
    but some good ones as well.

    "It's all relative in terms of the SPL. We are a nation of five
    million people and we cannot support an 18-team league like Turkey,
    where the population is 75 million.

    "Relatively speaking, Scotland has as many good players as they do
    over there but the problem with our population size is there will
    always be a decrease in standards towards the bottom of the league."

    Stewart, who started his career at Manchester United, has advised
    Miller a positive approach is a must if he is to make the best of an
    experience that could be the most challenging yet.

    He said: "He'll pick up the basics of the language. I was fortunate
    enough to be based in the capital, Ankara, around the foreign
    embassies, so English was spoken in most places.

    "But Kenny should go out there with an open mind."

    Love, Spine

  3. Anonymous10:26 pm

    To be fair, players like Stewart have went through there careers picking up money and been injured all the time, what a fecking cheek to ask for 2 million quid and he hasnt kicked a ball.

    As for Kenny Miller, good luck to him, hope he does well