Thursday, January 06, 2011

Turkish TV cop shows

What Turkey needs is more cop shows. I mean you can't have too many badly shaven, moustachioed tough guys willing to bend the law just a little. I guess this was the thinking of the producers of Behzat Ç. The only difference is that instead of being set in Istanbul, this one is based in Ankara.

About bloody time. Our hero Behzat most of the time looks, sounds and acts as if he has had way too many drinks the night before. Just take a look at the clip below. If you know Turkish watch the clip and then keep reading.

The basic translation is:

Clean cut copper: "Is it number nine?"

Behzat: Ahhh (an affirmative sort of Ahhh)

Copper: In that case its down the hill.

Behzat: Ahhh (a surprised sort of Ahhh)

Small scene of other cops in a car and then back to the apartment block.

Behzat: Are you (incomprehensible)?

Suspect: Yes, who are you?

Copper: CSI Dikmen. Out of the way.

Suspect: What's happening?

Behzat - Whack!


Any show that has the line "CSI Dikmen" is clearly brilliant. It gets better though with the original pick up line in this next scene where Behzat is trying to get with the good looking but extremely stressed out prosecutor.

Sort of translation from about 30 seconds in as Behzat walks to the door.

Behzat: What are you doing tonight?

Prosecutor: Ah... Don't know. Why do you ask?

Behzat: I'm going to the Genclerbirligi match. I've got a spare kombine. You coming?

Prosecutor: Ah... I've no understanding of football. Even if I come I won't be happy. You go.

Behzat: If you change your mind phone me.

Sure, the prospect of a 0-0 draw with Kasimpasa on a cold Ankara night probably isn't the most enticing dates but in the end she must have said yes. And then it gets to the match itself. No need for translating this one.

And Behzat gets his woman! Ahhh, the power of Gencler. Please note those of you new to the dating game. The clip above shows a great example of how a goal is a great excuse to give your date a big squeeze.

One last clip for you. This one isn't the Beer Bus but I'm sure you will recognise a few real Gencler fans in this one.


  1. Anonymous4:51 pm

    Superb. Holmes-Drugs Morse-Beer&Opera Behzat C-Gencler.


  2. Anonymous8:26 am

    Oh, and I Melih is on the wires predicting the return of Ankaraspor to league football. Something about a Constitutional Court decision.


  3. Anonymous9:21 pm

    My experience of Turkish soap operas isnt pleasureable.Lets just say that most of them make Emmerdale (or for Jim, Take The High Road)(or for Oz,Prisoner Cell Block H) look like The Shawshank Redemption!

    Dublin Neil.