Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hikmet Karaman comes back to Haunt Ankaragucu !

With Jim on his way back to Scotland, i thought id do the Match thread. Where do i even start ???? It was a heartless, disgusting performance from the Manger and Players as you will see from my post.

Talk before the match was there would be a protest against Umit Ozat, a man who has taken over from Roger Lemerre and been given good money to take us up the table. After our shocking performanc in the cup midweek, a win was the only result good enough today.

Team Lined Up


Varol Rajnoch Zewlakow Ugur

Gabrc Kagan Sapara Murat Druer

Sestak Metin

So Umit decided to drop Bora Kork for Ozden despite him been man of the match last week, he also played our right back at left back, and Guven Varol who impressed early season in midfield at right back. Gabric who only has a left foot stuck out on the right.

The game started and it was Ankaragucu who had the first chance, a lovely through ball for Murat Druer left him one on one with the goalkeeper, but he could only put it by the post. Manisaspor's first chance came through Josh Simpson, he got the better of Varol and was one on one with Ozden but the Keeper saved to keep it at 0-0.

At this point it was an even match, then came the goal. A long hopefull ball by Oumar Kalabane into the Ankaragucu box. Kahe lost his marker in Rajnoch but it was an easy ball for Ozden to either come and punch or stay on his line, he did neither, misjudged it and Kahe headed it over the top of him, 1-0 Manisaspor. Every touch after this Ozden was booed by the fans.

It took Ankaragucu till the 42nd Minute to get back into the game, it was a cross into the box by Murat, which was brought down by Metin Akan who stroked the ball through the keepers legs to make it 1-1.

This lead to the most entertaining part of the game, one of the Ankaragucu fans ran on the park after Umit Ozat threw his clipboard down and made a gesture at the fans. He tried to kick Ozat but Ozat got there first with a punch and knocked him to the ground and started kicking him on the head. The game was held up for ten minutes. The Ankaragucu fan should never have ran on the park, but Umit Ozat cant conduct himself, and his comments and actions have lead to this.

Half Time 1-1

Second half was a boring afare, After Ankaragucu scored they looked to have some fire in there bellys but came out at half time with nothing in them, a few half chances hear and there from Marek Sapara and Jan Rajnoch were about as good as it got. The game looked to be heading for a draw until Ozgur Cek tried a fancy flick and gave the ball away, this lead to Manisaspor attacking on the break, Ivanski played the ball into the box and it ended up in the path of Mehmet Guven who put it into an empty net.

One minute later, Mehmet Guven had the ball again, he ran 20 yeard without been challanged and struck a 30 yard effort into the back of the net, again Ozden should have done better. 3-1 Manisaspor and full time.

Hikmet Karaman came onto the pitch at the end of the game and was given a great reception by the Ankaragucu fans. His side are now in the top half of the table, having spent no where near the money Umit Has. For Umit Ozat been such a good defender in his day, he has an awful record at picking them. Jan Rajnoch again struggled at Centre half, and the other players out of position are becoming a joke.

If Umit is still manager by Monday morning then we are in big trouble.


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  2. Anonymous9:38 pm

    it also looks like Robert Vittek will sign for Salzburg in a £3.6 million Euro deal

    And i doubt we will see Turgut Dogan Sahin play in an ankaragucu shirt again, he was the ankaragucu player kicking the fan on the head when he was down


  3. It's all doom and gloom in Ankara and it's even worse here in Edinburgh with my boys propping up the table with effin Hamilton !!!

    Anyway, thanks for taking over the reporting in your usual efficient way Nadeem.

  4. Anonymous7:51 pm

    no probs jim, hope your safe and well in edinburgh, ill hand the reigns back over to you as of the next game, im off to london. Yep Ankaragucu seems so have got a name for themselves, but for the wrong reasons


  5. Brilliant report, Nadeem.

    "The game looked to be heading for a draw until Ozgur Cek tried a fancy flick and gave the ball away,"

    I should mention that counting the times Ozgur Cek gave the ball away on Sunday would have been difficult. He hurt Gucu almost as much as Ozden did--perhaps more.

    Fatih Tekke was completely uninspiring during the short time he was on the pitch. He came out like a hungry lion, but within about a minute came to resemble a well fed, listless lion.

    Theo Weeks worked harder than just about any player out there. He challenged the Manisa players for everything and probably scavenged or outright stole more balls than Ozgur Cek gave away--quite a feat.

    Sestak and Metin both worked their keisters off out there but both of them were really struggling. Flashes of brilliance from Metin, but little consistency.

    Sapara was doing a damn good job but needed someone to do something with the balls he was feeding them.

    And the breaking news is that the Gokceks let Umit know that it was his time to go during a meeting yesterday. More details on this shortly.

  6. Anonymous6:20 pm

    I agree with all of your assesments Damon apart from Rajnoch, There is no doubting he gives 100 percent but he isnt a cental defender, he is good on the ball but gets caught out to much in defence, Kahe lost him to easy on sunday

    Im also hearing Theo Weeks has left to Caykur Rizespor who have signed Freddy Adu as well, surely we havent let theo go ?

    Good news re ozat, hope its true but we will get some cheap shite option to replace him


  7. Kahe got around someone? In two years at Gencler I'm not sure I ever saw him do that.

  8. Anonymous1:10 am

    got away from Rajnoch far to easy oz kanka, our defence was really poor. As damon said we need someone beside sapara to help him