Thursday, January 13, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Ho ho ho ..... titter titter titter ....... as Eski picks himself up from the floor with tears of 'sadness' cascading down his cheeks !!! Tonight ...........

Malatya 2 Fenerbahce 1

How the mighty have fallen, and aren't we all so so sad ??? I'm gonna have a ball tomorrow morning in school with all the Ankara Fener 'supporters' !

So, now to the crunch matches which begin on Sunday, and it's up to Gencler to put Malatya back in their place, ie...... down !

Then, on Monday it will be Ankaragucu's turn to 'turn the screw' and put the knife into Buca.

On Sunday it's an afternoon KO and no doubt Oz will be sending out an email soon about meeting time.

However, on Monday it's an 8pm KO, so we will meet in the Beer Bus Bar at 6pm and go to the Stadium at around 7pm.

Sheer joy tonight, and I wish I had been in Sakarya to see the 'faces'. Remember last season when Bursa won the League ?? More ho ho ho's !!!

All the best from Ho Ho Ho Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous11:36 pm

    well done malataya, that puts us and gencler in a good position

    big news kankas, melih gokcek has announced on twitter that ankaragucu have opened talks with yusuf simsek and shaun wright phillips !!!!!!


  2. Be careful Nadeem. Are you sure it was the real Melih Gokcek? I'm on the real Melih Gokcek twitter account and tonight he has announced he is going to start legal proceedings against fake Melih Gokcek's.... or was that the other way around... or not... possibly... maybe not?

  3. Using my Burt Lancaster idiom again ....

    in respect of I.Melih Gokcek .... don't believe all you hear .... believe only half of what you hear !!!

  4. Hi Jim. I am Kemal from your class. I have just finished to browse your blog. I think, It's fantastic. I like it so much.

  5. Thanks for the compliment Kemal.

    We hope you will feel free to comment in the future any time you have something to say about the two Ankara teams (good or ..... bad) !

  6. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. Thank you, Fenerbahce. I'm really looking forward to being amused by you for the entire second half of the season.

  7. Let's also consider the demise of Galatasaray who lost their last match at Ali Sami Yen to ...... Genclerbirligi !!!

    Wouldn't it be luvvlie if Ajax could continue in the same vein tonight at their new Stadium ???

    If so, more ho ho ho's coming up from Eski tonight !!

  8. Let's hope Eski can keep the ho ho ho's coming.

  9. Anonymous7:47 pm

    our new players were paraded today at press conference, it looks like we will also add Fatih Tekke.

    Does anyone know if Turgut Dogan Sahin is signing for Galatasaray?


  10. Tekke? Now that could be very interesting.

  11. Nadeem, it would be amazing if T. Dogan went to Galatasaray and I think his bottom would be kept nice and warm sitting on the bench every week !!!

    If he stays with Ankaragucu, he will also be lucky if he manages to get a game. He has had ample time to make his mark, but too often has flattered to deceive !

    Tekke was a great player for Trabzon. I just hope he doesn't end up just being a 'name' in the team like Vassel and Vittek !!!

  12. Jim, you should give Kemal some extra credit points for viewing your blog. :)

  13. Hey Ata, he doesn't need extra points. He's a super student and perhaps I can 'brainwash' him to join the swelling ranks of Ankaragucu supporters ??!!