Friday, January 07, 2011


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There has been a few alteration to the Turkish Cup fixtures which I posted a few moons ago.

Wednesday 12 January - Buca v Gencler (no change)

Sunday 16 January - Gencler v Malatya (no change)

Monday 17 January - Ankaragucu v Buca (change)

Thursday 27 January - Fener v Gencler (change)

Thursday 27 January - Malatya v Ankaragucu (change)

The situation at the moment is that Buca sits on top of the group with 6 points, Ankaragucu is in 2nd place with 4 points, Gencler in 3rd place with 1 point, Fener in ...... ho ho ho .... place with ZERO points ......... and Malatya ....??? ....... who cares !!!

So, as I see it, the defining moment in this group for top spot is the match on 17 January when the situation is ............ winner take all !!

The 2nd place is still up for grabs and that should be decided after the results of the other matches. As you can see, if Gencler can perform a miracle on 12 January in Buca, then it really will throw the shit into the fan !!!

Mmmmmm ...... it's looking interesting ........ isn't it ?

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous5:34 pm

    It looks like we have signed Egin Keles from manisaspor, was scouted by galatasaray and psv eindhoven in the past. Only scored three goals for manisa though


  2. Eski,
    Are you saying it would take a miracle for Gencler to beat Buca in Buca?

    I know Buca kicked their butt in regular season play, but... Hmm...maybe it will take a miracle.

  3. On reflection, perhaps I should have chosen my words more carefully !!!

    Gencler don't need a miracle to beat Buca, but what I meant was that Buca is a tough nut to crack when they play at home.

    Hopefully Gencler can do the biz, or at the very least, take a point !!!

  4. It would be great if the two Ankara teams could both advance. Screw Buca.