Friday, February 04, 2011

Antep-Galata defeat Gencler-Buca 3,912 to 80

Some of our overseas Kankas may not know just how well the Turkish press covers sport in Turkey. We live in a football mad country and so it is only right that the sports pages of a newspaper are many, with football dominating them.

Just to give one example. Today's Haber Turk newspaper had a 12-page broadsheet sports section. A page is approximately 48x34 centimetres, giving the sports section a total area of 19,584 square centimetres.

The paper obviously decided to lead with last night's Turkish Cup quarter-final matches (two were played).

For the Gaziantepspor - Galatasaray match the paper published 13 photos, 13 articles and two long analysis pieces. All up it devoted 3,912 square centimetres to the match.

A pretty good effort considering that the match finished pretty close to the publishing deadline.

For the Genclerbirligi - Bucaspor match which finished two hours before the other quarter-final, the paper devoted a generous 80 (eighty) square centimetres. Even then this was merely a list of the players; no photos, analysis, not even a single sentence on what happened.

Hats off.


  1. Nothing in the Ankara section either, Chris?

  2. I like that you measured; scientific, classy. I guess the only thing to do is crush IBB/Kasimpasa in the semifinals and then unleash hell in the finals. That's how you teach 'em!

  3. Nothing there. I'm pretty sure that the Ankara section is put to bed quite early, well before the match finished.

    I remember at the TDN (now the HDNER) we used to do the Sunday features section on Friday morning.

  4. @Asim Bey - You are probably right.

    by the way, time to update your blog... I've been waiting ages for a new post

  5. Oops, forget that. I just checked and saw that I've bookmarked a single post, not the blog itself. Stupid me.

  6. It's a fair point about the blog, actually. I sort of took a break from it but just came back. Thanks for reading!