Thursday, January 12, 2012


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

There is very little to be said about last night's match !

Hakan Kutlu decided to rest his 'regulars' and play a team which was totally unrecognisable from last season. His philosophy being that 3 points in Sivas on Sunday is preferable to a run in the Turkish Cup. We may agree or disagree with this, but the fact was that Ankaragucu is going nowhere, especially if they keep leaking players. Cider Kankas John's comment about Keles joining Bursa being a point in case !

No shame on the Ankaragucu 'boys' last night. They played their hearts out, but, as Nadeem mentioned in a previous post, Kasimpasa is a strong team and that was proved last night. They totally dominated the 2nd half and gave Ankaragucu a torrid time. A case of men against boys !

Ankaragucu 2 Kasimpasa 6

Only Cider Kanka John and I turned-up last night and it was into an eerily emptyish Stadium we entered. However, Gecikondu did their best to create an atmosphere.

I don't intend to catalogue all the goals. Suffice to say that Ankaragucu was like a ship without a Captain on the Bridge, or ....... for that matter, a rudder !!

I also don't want to be a defeatist, but, if any more 'leaves fall off the tree' Ankaragucu can definitely say bye-bye to the Super League. Even with the 'leaves' remaining, it is going to be a long hard struggle until May/June.

Every match grows in significance now, but Sunday's match in Sivas takes on giant proportions if Ankaragucu is going to stay in touch with the other relegation candidates above them.

Watching in The Chopin on Sunday KO 1pm.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. It wasn't Keleş who left but Turgut Dogan Sahin. Keleş could well be next though.

  2. Oz, when does the transfer window close?

  3. Who's next ? Bora, Aydin or Keles ?

    Any bets ??!!

  4. Anonymous9:13 pm

    Maybe it is time to be an optimistic for me. Next year if Denizlispor manage to stay at Bank Asya,we will have a chance to watch them together.
    Greetings from Denizli Boy Mustafa :)

  5. And that Mustafa, would be the perfect excuse for you to look after us and take us to all the great bars of Denizli.

  6. Welcome to the Blog great buddy Mustafa.

    Nice joke about Banka Asya. It was a joke ..... right ???

    We do not expect to join you there buddy, but we hope that Denizlispor will join us in the Super League where Ankaragucu has a God-given right to be after all !!!

    Firstly, there is the small matter of taking 3 points in Sivas today. After that ...... who knows ??!!