Sunday, January 22, 2012

A drab Ankara derby but Gencler take the points

A freezing evening in Ankara saw a football match played on a crap pitch with some pretty rubbish football. Gencler scored in the 19th minute after a nice move that left Hursut in front of the goal with no-one but the keeper to beat. The rest of the match... er... rubbish. Ankaragucu almost equalised towards the end but Ramazan in goal saved our blushes. For those of you who weren't there - count your blessings, as for those of you who were there - count your toes as you may have left a few frozen ones behind at the stadium.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Gokcek was on TV last night and spoke the following riddle:

    "There's no one in Turkey who will come forward to rescue Ankaragucu economically. I will keep the Ankaragucu name alive in Ankara. You will see how I will do it. The name of Ankaragucu will live."

    Now, aside from the way this makes him sound like a mad professor in a laboratory in a mountaintop castle in a storm, it's also a bit vague. The emphasis on "the name" struck me. What could he be planning?

    He also had a good long go at Cemal Aydin over the sale of Turgut Dogan Sahin (and others). Said the congress was postponed because Aydin couldn't find a "pawn".

    Happy Days.