Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The midseason blues

Football is a bloody frustrating game. Gencler were the better team last night but still couldn't pull it off. I'm not saying that Karabuk didn't deserve the win, just that Genclerbirligi should have won it. asdfasd

Genclerbirligi 1 - 2 Karabukspor

The Beer Bus is a strange den of murky gloom on an early Monday evening. Joining me to brighten up the place we had Robin and his two Swedish mates and three Aussies who are all married to people from the embassy. This made the introductions interesting.

"So what do you do," asks one.

"I design and export high-range heating contraptions," said one of the Swedes. "And what do you do?"

"Nothing," says Aussie No. 1... and then Aussie No. 2 and Aussie No. 3.

Which was pretty good training for the first half of last night's match. Stancu had a decent shot from outside the box but besides that... nothing.

Second half was more fun in the sort of way that anything is more fun than nothing.

We were controlling the play but never really putting much pressure when Ozgur gave away a free kick. It was struck well and having now seen the replays it was pretty much impossible for Dahlin to save.

With about 30 minutes to go and Gencler started to panic which was good in a way because at least it meant that we liked we were attacking, even if it was too bloody slow. I'm looking at you Petkovic!

Then in about the 70th a brilliant strike was saved by Dahlin but he could only block it... the ball fell to another Karabuk player and then into the net.

Game over really but then Stancu managed to get one back almost straight away. he was running onto someone's pass and the Karabuk keeper, running out and sliding, somehow completely missed the ball. Stancu jumped over the keeper and slotted it in.

A chance, a chance.... The attack was on and we managed to set up a few chances but none of them were really very dangerous. And so the slide from last week continues...    


  1. All those Aussies! Ssssh. Don't mention the Ashes.

  2. It looks like Genclerbirligi AND 'Midilzburra' are going to end up in boring mid-table. Thank God Ankaragucu is on this Blog to keep us all holding our breath for some bloody good news, ie, Champions ???!!!