Sunday, December 14, 2014

By God, that was rubbish

Akhisar 1 - 1 Genclerbirligi

A decent crowd down at the Su'dem pub. I was the only kanka though but plenty of others to chat with. On to the football.

First half: Shit

Second half: Mostly shit.

We had most of the ball but I think that for the whole match we might have had one shot actually on goal, and bugger all off goal (or maybe the other way around).

Akhisar were not a good team but we simply failed to get any decent attacks going. If this had been a home match with a proper pre-Passolig crowd then things might have turned nasty. There was a lot of screaming and shouting in frustration at the Su'dem.

Akhisar took the lead deep into the second half with a nicely executed turn and shot from some Greek bloke. Just a few minutes later we equalised when Irfan Kahveci (a name to remember I told you) made a nice pass to Stancu. Stancu sent it on to Tomic who merely had to tap it in. And that's how it ended. 1 - 1.

Massive relief at the Su'dem... but basically, that was just rubbish.      


  1. Hey Oz, if you think that was rubbish then wait till you read Nadeem's match report on the Ankaragucu match today.

    Ankaragucu is sinking deeper into the brown smelly stuff, and the only saving grace today is that all the others in the relegation zone also lost !!!

  2. I honestly wish we were as shit as Genclerbirlig, because the shit we are watching is beyond shit