Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

This is a photo from yester-year when Ankaragucu made us proud to wear the colours.   Unfortunately, forgetful Eski Kanka left his cep telephone at home today in his rush to get to the Stadium, so I can’t show you a photo of my reaction to today’s performance.

OK, it’s not as if Ankaragucu had aspirations towards the Cup this season, but to lose so comprehensively to a 3rd League Club is totally unacceptable.

True enough, it was a half-strength Ankaragucu, but surely the ‘strength in depth’ of the squad should have been sufficient to see off a 3rd League Team ??!!

ANKARAGUCU   0      Payasspor   2

Team – Forgot the goalkeeper’s name, Goksu, Murat, Sedat (captain), Onur, Muhammed, Hasan Ayaroglu, Harun, Timur, Teoman and Enes.

Omer replaced Teoman at half time.

I was the ‘Lone Ranger’ and entered the Stadium 15 minutes before KO to an eerie silence which was not surprising given that it was a midweek KO at 3pm.   There was about 400 in Gecikondu, 300 in Maraton, a sparce crowd in Kapali and ............ zero in the away end !

The first half was a total nonentity which had me bored out of my skull !    The first action of any note was when Gecikondu sang the Boooorrrsssaaaaspor song on 16 minutes !!

Then in the 18th minute Timur was brought down just outside the penalty box but the free kick went out for a corner off the wall.

3 minutes later, Harun tried his luck but he might have scored 3 points at Murrayfield !

2 more free kicks just outside the box in the 28th and 32nd minutes.   The first was over and out, and the 2nd off the wall and cleared.  

Then, 5 minutes before half time, Onur dribbled the ball into the penalty box and scored another 3 points !

A one word analysis for the 1st half ............... pathetic !!    Actually, Payas probably couldn’t believe their luck going in all square with only one attempt on goal from a corner which was saved by the Ankaragucu goalkeeper.

To cheer me up at half time, I had a visitation from Maraton guys – Emrah and Oguz (a friend of Posh Kanka Ahmet !).

Into the 2nd half and I think Payas was scenting blood and perhaps a replay in Adana ?!

Another 3 points in the 48th minute for Ankaragucu when a free kick was sent to only God knows where !    Then, 4 minutes later a golden opportunity when the ball was sent to the unmarked Timur in the box, but he shot tamely at the goalkeeper.

Timur had another chance on the 60th minute mark but, although his header beat the goalkeeper, it flew over the bar.

3 minutes later there was a blatant hand-ball just outside the box which gave Hasan the chance to score, but his effort was past the post.

Ankaragucu’s frustration was plain to see and their passing was atrocious, eg, an Ankaragucu free kick was passed direct to a Payas player all of 5 metres away !

Halfway through the 2nd half and Payas started to believe that this was their day.

On the 66th minute they took a quick free kick and their striker was clean through, but the Ankaragucu goalkeeper did well to dive at his feet as he was about to shoot and saved well.

Payas had another opportunity on the 73rd minute with a 2 on 1 attack, but the shot was deflected for a corner.

Ankaragucu was now living dangerously and paid the price of their inability to deal with the Payas nippy forwards in the 77th minute when a shot from outside the box on the left was fired into the right corner.   An excellent goal and there could be no complaints either !

3 minutes later with Ankaragucu trying to press forward, the Payas forwards broke away and an astute pass was crossed for the unmarked striker to go 1 on 1 with the goalkeeper.   He calmly rounded him and slotted in for a classic goal.

5 minutes to go and I have to say that Ankaragucu’s attempts to get back into the match were pitiful and at times comical.

There was still time for Hasan to attempt a shot, but it was poor and well saved.   Then Omer tried a shot but all he won was another 3 points !

So, well done Payas – they fully deserved their win and I hope they have a kind draw against a PTT League team in the next round.

As for Ankaragucu, it is time for us to be less euphoric and optimistic.   This was totally unacceptable !

Hasan was subjected to booing for most of the 2nd half, but he’s not the only one who should have been singled out for that treatment.

Also, I suggest that Murat contacts an Optician ASAP to check his colour perception level.   Failing that, to contact an hypnotist to have him brain-washed to believe that Ankaragucu play in yellow !!!

Teoman was up to his usual tricks again in the 1st half – running around like a headless chicken and not a goal attempt in sight !

Next up is the home league match against Tepecik on Sunday.   KO probably 3 or 3.30pm.   Details later.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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  1. Further re Sunday ............

    The TFF give the KO for the home match against Tepecik as 3.30pm. If it changes in the meantime, I'll let you know here.

    btw, Tepecik beat PTT League team Samsun 2-1 in the Cup yesterday. So, they are obviously on fire and will be up for it. How many times have I said ...... 'there are no easy matches in this division' ??!!