Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SHOCK! Some good news from a Turkish court

As Gencler manage to lose their 28th coach this season there was some good news out there in the Turkish football world with a court ordering the TFF to pay compensation to a referee who they had sacked for being gay.

According to an Associated Press report (was it written by our very own Virgin Kanka?) the TFF was ordered to pay Halil Ibrahim Dinçdağ TL 23,000 in compensation.

This was from an AP report quoting the Anatolia news agency (gotta get your sources right).
Dinçdağ said he would appeal the amount of compensation set by the court, but nevertheless welcomed the ruling as a victory for gay rights in Turkey and for efforts to combat homophobia in sports.
Dinçdağ also stated that he would apply to be reinstated to the position of second-league referee he was sacked from in 2009.

Everyone at "The round ball in Ankara" who lives in the 21st century wishes Halil the very, very best of luck.

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