Thursday, February 16, 2017

Ankaragucu vs Tokatspor - The Giant has awoken!

Last weekends eventful match at Gumushanespor could finally be the event that has lead the City of Ankara to get behind Ankaragucu. Over the years Ankaragucu have fell down the divisions, been ripped apart due to politics, and individuals who we shall not name who cared more about their ego than one of Turkeys oldest and most dear clubs.

The match in Gumushanespor was a disappointment due to the fact the team lost 2-1 against their title rivals despite the fact we dominated the match. That disappointment turned to anger as the referee and linesmen gave so many strange decisions that it has lead to accusations of match fixing. The Ankaragucu team and fans were subject to coming under attack from Gumushanespor fans. But the breaking point was when the finance minister from Gumushane walked round the park on the 55th minute surrounded 50 men including bodyguards.

Ankaragucu fans, politicians and even former referees have stated they have never in all the years seen this happening in football. Why was he walking round the park? To put pressure on the referee and match officials? It certainly looked that way.

The good old TFF have today handed Ankaragucu a 2 match stadium ban, while Gumushanespor have been handed a 5 match stadium ban.

Again, Ankaragucu will be hurt financially as the match with Tokatspor was heading for a 20,000 sell out crowd. Amazingly the Ankaragucu management team have started a campaign which has been backed by local businesses to still sell tickets for the match allowing the club to make the money they would have if the ban wasn't in place.

This week has saw politicians including Aylin Nazliaka, former referees and even the clubs ex presidents Cengiz Topal, Celal Aydin and Bent Ahlat all claiming they will be there to support Ankaragucu putting their differences in the past to the side.

It remains to be seen whether this support will dwindle away or if it really is the turning point where the giant of Ankara has finally been awoken and has the support of the city.

Ankaragucu will welcome back Serkan Balci and Alihan Kubalas from suspension at the weekend which will be a huge boost to the club. Although Tokatspor are sitting 2nd from bottom they have shown in the past few months they are capable of an upset. They have won against Menemen, Eyupspor, Sariyer and Kastamonuspor all good sides.

Omer Bozan will again be the key player for Ankaragucu and although he didn't have his best game last weekend he scored an absolute screamer from 30 yards which is a goal of the season contender. The team will be looking for more from the likes of Erhan Senturk, Emre Sahin and Muharrem Ozan. They need to create more in attack and take some of the pressure off Omer.

The match will be shown live on Baskent TV due to the stadium ban which allows the fans to see the team in action. Nothing but a win will be acceptable in the fight for the title!

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  1. Well said Nadeem.

    It's so disappointing to have further stadium bans, especially at this time when the players need to see our support. Hopefully they will be all fired up to brush Tokat aside so that we can keep the pressure on those Black See Bassass !!!

    Watch fb for Nadeem's snipits during the match.