Saturday, December 01, 2018


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

It wasn’t really a ‘game of two halves’ even allowing for the fact that Ankaragucu went in at half time in the lead.    It was mostly all Rize pressure on the Ankaragucu goal, but thanks to Man of the Match, Altay, Ankaragucu escaped from the ‘Tea Party’ with one point.   The defence also stood tall on the many occasions when Rize threatened and special mention here for Pinto, Yalcin and Djedje for their heroics in restricting Rize to only one goal.

It was also fortunate for Ankaragucu that the Rize strikers were on strike, because their build-up football had the Ankaragucu defence in panic mode sometimes.   Their football belies their league position with only one win in 14 league matches.    However, on this performance Rize will surely climb out of the relegation zone before the end of the season.

Rizespor        1                     ANKARAGUCU       1

Team – Altay, Djedje, Yalcin, Kone, Pinto, Moulin, Sedat, Cerci, El-Kabir, Ilhan and Kubilay (surprisingly Korcan was named as substitute.    However, Altay once again proved his worth and is fast becoming a rising star in the team).

The kankas met-up at The Anasson Bar.   Maniac Kanka Harun, Nurer Kanka, Battle Damaged Kanka Damon and Kenan Kenan Kanka.     The place was full with not a Rize supporter in sight !!

It was Rize who started the match like a train and were looking up for it.   They took the match to Ankaragucu for the first 20 until Ankaragucu scored against the run of play.

El-Kabir received a pass on the left and drove into the box.    He crossed to the far post to Ilhan who returned the ball to El-Kabir who had continued his run expecting the return pass.   When it came, he slotted in to send us all wild.

Was this the turning point in the match ?     The simple answer ......... no !

Rize continued to press forward searching for the equaliser and it took great defending from Altay, Yalcin and Djede to keep them at bay until the half time whistle brought some much needed relief.

Ankaragucu did have one further chance 5 minutes before the break when from a Moulin free kick, El-Kabir’s header was well saved.

The optimistic kankas going in at half time 1-0 up and hoping for a victoreeee and all 3 points !!

Rize began the 2nd half as they finished the 1st with all out attack and it took Altay with some great saves to keep the score at 1-0.  

It took until the 60th minute for Ankaragucu to make inroads on the Rize goal when Pinto had a great goalbound shot saved.

However, the inevitable equaliser came 6 minutes later with a real peach of a goal which had skill written all over it.   Some nice football just outside the  penalty box, a chipped weighted pass to Umar who was sandwiched between THREE Ankaragucu defenders, but still managed to bring the ball under control and score inside the left post with Altay helpless.   A goal to savour, especially for the Rize fans !

Still Rize continued to press forward and Altay came to the rescue yet again with 75 minutes gone.    At this stage of the match I was settling for a draw with play going in one direction, ie, towards Altay !

Then a mistake by Djedje with only 10 minutes to go when the referee decided that he impeded a Rize forward inside the box.    It could be argued that the Rize forward made a meal of it, but the experienced Firat Bey was adamant and so the inevitable penalty.

Once again it was Altay to the rescue when he guessed correct and dived to the left to parry the penalty.    A Rize attacker pounced on the rebound but his shot went past the opposite post and out.     Relief all round !

Almost on the final whistle and Altay saved another shot from outside the box, and with the last kick of the match Kehinde’s shot was just past the post.

So, as you can gather from the above report, it was a fortunate point for Ankaragucu, but all credit to the team for not capitulating while under pressure for most of the match.

The next match will be the home match against league leaders Basaksehir on Monday 10 December KO 8pm.   Venue unknown at the moment, but watch this space for the answer in either Nadeem’s preview or in the comments section of this report.

This match will be a true test of Ankaragucu’s credentials against a team in fine form and going well at the moment.    They could quite possibly be 8 points clear at the top of the league after this weekend’s results.

However, as we know as Ankaragucu supporters, we can never discount this team of ours !!!

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Thanks for the report Jim

    Good result for Ankaragucu considering all the changes we made. It’s unclear why so many players were out but we missed Bifouma and Faty especially

    We don’t have a big enough squad and the replacements are Lig 1 type players. Cerci was angry when he came off but he needs to take a look at himself

  2. Anonymous9:17 pm

    Cerci needs to play continuously. Until now he did not play 90m in a match. And it is absolute that there have been no player in AG with a perfect performance deserving to play 90 m in a match more than Cerci. Can we say İlhan, Kenan or Bifouma had a perfect performance at all matches. Never. The problem is İK. After Cerci replacement all the game has been played in our side. We have also admit that the big coaches are the ones who gains the players Especially when you need them more than ever. To be honest as of today Ankaragücü is the worst team , playing without any plan/organization in superlig. Even worst than Rize which is in the end of table. Volkan.

    1. You have to earn a place in the team though Volkan. Cerci has the most talent on the team but he has struggled with injury and now he is fit I don’t like the look of his attitude. Ismail Kartal can’t trust him to track back and work hard.

      I would rather see Cerci in the team than Ilhan but he needs to show more when he plays.

  3. Nady, I seem to remember Ismail Bey saying last week that there were lots of injuries in the squad. Presumably Bifouma and Faty were two of those. Let's hope they are back next Monday !

    I agree Volkan. Cerci has class, of that there is no doubt. However, there was a doubt about his fitness level, but if that is resolved, then I agree he should be given 90 minutes to see what he can do to inspire the team with more scoring opportunities.

    1. Faty was suspended Jim, don’t know what’s up with Bifouma and Kenan though