Friday, February 17, 2006


Greetings Kankas. I'm pleased to put Oz Kanka's mind at rest........... I'm still alive and kicking !!!

Well, firstly, let me tell you about the comedy of errors last Wednesday night. I decided that Oz Kanka's weather report was spot-on and it was too bloody cold to go to the Stadium (it was well below zero). So, I decided to meet him in the Knight and Flight and watch it on Lig TV with some yellow stuff in one hand and a Tekel 2000 in the other. However, when I arrived at the K and F at 4.15 the staff told me that Digiturk were asking for more dosh because it was a Cup match and not a league match, so they didn't take up the subscription. Shit ........... panic ! So, I jumped into a taksi intending to go to the Stadium, but half way down Ataturk Bulvar I remembered that I had my darts in my pocket and also my prized Zippo lighter. Abort abort....... the police were sure to find them during body search. So, I made another executive decision and told the taksi driver to do a 360 and go to The Pub - I thought they would be sure to have it !! Hmmmmmmm yet another bad decision ! They didn't !!! It was now 5pm and so I had a few Carlsberg fici to drown my sorrows and made my dejected way home ! And so the moral of the story......... don't say you are a LIONHEART is you really are a PUSSY CAT !!!

Oh yes, and the match result......... a disappointing 1-1 draw which means that Fener are odds on favourites to snatch the 2nd qualifying position and join Antep in the next round proper. Now Ankaragucu can concentrate on avoiding relegation !!!!

Ankaragucu are at home this Sunday against Denizli in the league KO 2pm. Sorry to say I can't go due to work commitments.

That's all for now folks. All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

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