Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Tarkan to the rescue?

Pop star Robbie Williams has bought a stake in the English 3rd Division club Port Vale, according to a Reuters report.

Port Vale chairman Bill Bratt said he welcomed the investment, the size of which has not been disclosed.

He added: "I'm extremely pleased and excited that Robbie has invested in the club. It clearly shows that he cares about Port Vale FC and its future.

This is clearly the way Galatasaray could get out of the financial blackhole it is in. All they need to do is have a word with Tarkan and the club could be back on its feet.

The only problem would be convincing Tarkan that his money wouldn't be wasted like the millions the directors have been wasting in recent years.

Somehow I doubt that the folloing line from Mr. Bratt would be uttered by the Galatasaray board.

"It's now up to the board and all at Port Vale FC to ensure his investment is used wisely in helping to secure the future at the club."

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  1. It works............ eg, The Proclaimers and Fish of Marillion are Hibernian fanatics and look where the Mighty Hibernian are now.............. just one `easy` step away from a Scottish Cup Final........... so..... there is hope for someone as lesser known as... Tar MacAdam... or is it Tar Kan Doo.... whatever.... the bottom line is that you can't get much bigger than HIBERNIAN, or for that matter ANKARGUCU, .... so small teams like Port Vale and Genclerbirligi should be realistic and keep their feet firmly on the ground where they belong !!!!!!
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim