Thursday, February 09, 2006

Makes you want to cry

Poor old Galatasaray seem to be imploding with players boycotting training again today. It seems that they are not just upset at not being paid for months but are particularly pissed off at the fact that Stjepan Tomas and Sasa Ilic have been paid.

This was Necati Ates quoted on the CNN Turk website: "This is the way things are done in Turkey. Foreign players are always made the priority on the issue. Why do they get paid before us? Don't we do the same job?"

In the meantime the campaign to get ordinary football fans is getting embarrassing. All sorts of Besiktas and Fenerbahce fans are sending in 1 TL in what must be a very humbling experience to the millionaires that run Galatasaray.

In my own non-contribution to the campaign, I'd like to ask all readers here not to send any money at all. As I said before, let Galatasaray go bankrupt and then let's see how loyal their fans are when they are plugging away in the lower divisions.

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    Sorry Oz Kanka, I can't agree with your sentiments. I think all footie fans should rally round and support poor CimBom. I have already sent my 5 Yeni Kurus to the Club in their hour of need. Good luck to them in the 2nd Division hee hee hee ho ho ho !!!!!
    All the best from Eski Kanka Jim