Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

For those of you who are unfamilier with the press in Turkey, it is my understanding that The Hurriyet has the largest circulation in Turkey (Oz Kanka will correct me if I'm wrong !!). Every Tuesday there is a Footie Panorama section which gives the league stats, team of the weekend, players of the weekend, etc.

It is therefore with disappointment that I report that after 13 weeks league footie, only 3 ANKARAGUCU players have made it into the team of the weekend, and zero times as team of the weekend.

I don't want to downgrade the achievement of Sivas in beating Besiktas and featuring as team of the weekend this week, however, it is apparent to me that The Hurriyet perhaps are unaware of the recent exploits of ANKARAGUCU.

Six wins out of six starts is surely something that demands attention, and I am sure that if our team name was ISTANBULGUCU it would be a different story !!!

If the Hurriyet sports team are reading our blog, I therefore invite you to attend the Sakarya/ANKARAGUCU match next Saturday and take your blinkers off !!!

By the way, well done Bebbe for making team of the weekend !!

All the best from Hurriyet Hater Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Perhaps if Sir Eski Kanka was actually at the Ankaragucu match he would have seen why they were not "team of the week". Still, a win is a win.

  2. Perhaps perhaps perhaps !!!

    OK, but......... I'm still throwing my toys out of my cot !!

  3. Sorry. Don't know where to put this, but just clicked on the advert google put on your blog for Premiership tickets. For Everton v Bolton at the weekend they are charching £120 for a ticket at the sid of the pitch. They are still on sale for £31 on the Everton web-site. I've got a front seat by the side of the pitch for £31.
    Well that's my moan.

    6th in the league. Come on! Using stories of Gucu to calm classes as a supply teacher. Taught P.E in the Gucu gear. Going to Everton games, but not like the Gucu. Saw Cahill get injured at the weekend. good player, they will suffer without him. Everton fans rarely sing. In a stadium with almost 40,000 the atmosphere is not as good as Ankaragucu matches, more like Gencler.

  4. Ah, so Everton fans are clearly very well educated and true connoisseurs. As for Cahill, that is one damn annoying injury. Poor Aussie bugger.

  5. Talking about singing reminds me of the glorious sight of Oz Kanka singing his head off at the ANKARAGUCU matches.

    I honestly believe he missed his true vocation in life..... he should be up on the stage singing a duet with Kylie Minogue !!!

    By the way, Everton is managed by a Jock and he should teach those nice quiet Liverpool people how they do it in Scotland !!