Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Will Cemal Aydin run again?

It certainly isn't the biggest surprise in the world but Ankaragucu have decided not to hold an early general congress and thus the "signals" are there that Cemal Aydin will run for chairman once again, Hurriyet reported on Wednesday.

It seems that the recent good run by the team on the park has given Aydin the confidence to keep going. As we reported earlier here, the board had previously decided to hold the congress in early December. Aydin had also promised that he would not run.

I wonder if the team's good performances will actually save Aydin. Afterall, the fans have been calling for his resignation since before the season begun and last week I noticed a group of fans in Kapali shouting "yonetim istifa" even though the team was 2-0 up and about to post its sixth-straight win.

Don't be surprised Mr. Aydin if at Ankaragucu's next home game in a couple of weeks that the entire crowd will be screaming for your scalp.

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  1. I'm not so sure. The fans are not so fanatic in their chanting for Cemal Aydin's head as they were before the Bayram when ANKARAGUCU were propping up the league !!

    If ANKARAGUCU pick up 3 points in Sakarya on Saturday, I'm sure that most of the fans will be joining me by chanting for 8 wins in a row and dreaming about a place in next season's Chimps League !!! As we all know, fans are a fickle lot, and if they are winning then there is a `feel good factor`.

    Bringing Hikmet Karaman back to the club was the best decision Mr Aydin has made recently, and it may yet save his bacon !!