Monday, November 27, 2006

Hibs 2-2 Celtic

Hibs and Celtic served up a cracker of a game on Sunday afternoon, Hibs looked to be cruising at two nil with just over twenty minutes to go but Celtic hit back with a late flurry and could actually have won. I have to admit that it felt like a defeat but once home from the game and having a chance to think about it both teams had good chances. The referee did not cover himself in glory, he seemed to have left his red card at home as at least three players should have walked (two Celts and one Hibs).

Anyway an Ivan Sproule rocket had Hibs in front after 10 minutes and Kevin Thomson extended Hibs lead on the hour with a cheeky nutmeg of the keeper. Celtic hit back with two goals in four minutes from Sno and McGeady. Kenny Miller missed a one on one with the Hibs keeper before Glass hit row Z for Hibs with the last kick of the game.

I will have to watch the highlight on TV tonight as I'm sure Neil Lennon should have got a second yellow after clashing with Scott Brown. I would like to say more about Scottish referees but I know Eski Kanka Jim gets very protective of his old friends. I will restrict myself to saying Mike McCurry earned his biscuit tin vouchers on Sunday.

Hibbee Kanka


  1. What exactly does "a cheeky nutmeg of the keeper" mean?

  2. Yes, I suppose we should not be too disappointed, but I'm sure Mr Collins will be addressing the problem of conceding late goals to the opposition. The fact that the opposition was Celtic should not have a bearing on the problem.

    It's all very well having an attacking team with flair who entertain the fans, but at the end of the day it is points that count in the run-in for YooRo footie places.

    There are times when a team have to change tactics in a match and close the game down. In my opinion this was one such match and is something which Mr Collins will hopefully be working on in the future !

    Concerning the remarks about the referee, we should all try to bear in mind that all the decisions made in a match (right or wrong) are made on the understanding that they are `IN THE OPINION OF THE REFEREE .. blah blah blah`.

    I propose that it should be mandatory for all footie supporters to pass an exam on The Laws of the Game before being allowed access to a footie match !!!!

  3. For the edification of a cricket and rugby man......

    The situation is a one on one with the attacker advancing with only the goalkeeper to beat. The goalkeeper spreads his arms and legs to make the target seem more difficult for the attacker.

    The attacker then slips the ball through the goalkeeper's parted legs for a goal.

    Celebration for the attacker and embarrassment for the goalkeeper !!!

    Perhaps we should ask Bebbe of ANKARAGUCU to practice this one in the Training Ground !!!