Thursday, November 30, 2006


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

The best laid plans of Oz Kanka and Eski Kanka are now....... to use Mariac Kanka's vocabulary......... F*****D !!!

Hurriyet reported this morning that the TFF swords are out again for naughty teams like ANKARAGUCU, Fener and Trabzon, and they have punished all 3 clubs severely.... especially ANKARAGUCU.

Following the `supporter`, or should I say `hooligan` fighting and swearing at the Sakarya v ANKARAGUCU match last week, the TFF has decreed that the ANKARAGUCU v Fener match will NOT be played in Ankara. It is to be played in another city yet to be designated.

Boo hoo hoo hisss hisss hisss !!!

Therefore, it means that we will have to watch the match on TV. That being the case, I suggest we meet up in The Chopin Bar where there is likely to be a majority of ANKARAGUCU supporters. Whilst the Cappakokia is also a very nice meeting place, it does tend to attract a large following of supporters of Turkey's SECOND city, Istanbul, teams !!

So, presuming that we are all in agreement, we will meet in The Chopin from 7pm onwards on Friday 8 December.

Further details to follow when and if there are any more changes.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Meeting at the Chopin sounds like a good plan to me. Our old TV pals had planned on coming to the Ankaragucu-Fener match. I wonder if they still are?

    Oz Kanka

  2. Maybe if they decide to play the match in Kayseri we could invite them for the 2nd Battle of Kayseri ??!!

  3. Anonymous7:29 pm

    They have decided on Izmir.
    Oz Kanka

  4. Anonymous5:41 am

    You know, it strikes me that if this were a team other than fenerbahce, we would still be having the match at home. But the TFF can't let the pretty boys of the league get their faces messed up by Gecekondu. I think someone should look into whether someone on the TFF was paid to take away Gucu's home field advantage.

  5. Tut tut tut Mountaineering Kanka. Perish the thought that there is dishonesty within the hallowed halls of the TFF !!!

    Concerning the choice of The Ataturk Stadium in Izmir, the omens are good.

    The last time ANKARAGUCU played there in season 1999/2000 (and I was there to see it) was a 5-0 win against Sakaryaspor with the winner qualifying for the UEFA Cup. Ahhhhhh heady days !!!

  6. Anonymous9:59 am

    My dear and sweet friends from far away Ankara :-)
    I just wanted to send you hi and to tell you that I am thinking of you.
    I need to read now all your blogs to see what was going on in the past couple of days since I didn't read it. The past couple of days I have been so busy that I didn't had time for anything!

    Thinking of you!
    Love ya-
    Your Zagreb Kankie

  7. Anonymous2:25 pm

    Always good to hear from you Zagreb Kanka. I'm at the airport in Istanbul and am very tempted to cancel my flight to Ankara and instead fly off to Croatia.

    Oz Kanka

  8. Down boy !!!

    Oz Kanka ..... please behave yourself !!!

  9. Anonymous4:13 pm

    so its practically a home game for the budgies then as all the izmirites support FIRST city teams anyway.......wonder how much that cost Aziz

  10. Wrong Gulay !!!

    Altay, Goztepe and Karsiyaka fans will all support ANKARAGUCU.

    Trussssst me !!!

    The Round Ball in Ankara is famous everywhere in the world and we are slowly but surely educating people to be....... ANTI-X !!!

  11. jim.karşıyaka and altay ok but göztepe will not support ANKARAGÜCÜ.trust me!
    ı remember that,last time 1992 ı was there for a cup final match ANKARAGÜCÜ VS Salatasaray and we 've fighted to göztepe fans!they dont like the ANKARAGÜCÜ FANS

  12. Yeah, OK, fair comment Maniac Kanka Harun.

    I remember another time in Ankara in 2002 (?) when Goztepe were in the Super League and they broke hundreds of seats in 19 Mayis Stadium just because we were winning 2-0.

    So, let's forget effin Goztepe and include Izmirspor, but NOT Bucaspor ??!!

  13. Anonymous10:32 pm

    So when you are coming? :-)
    Zagreb today was really beautiful and sunny! Great! You can cheer up for Dinamo here :-)

    Love ya-
    Zagreb Kankie

  14. I'll get there some day Zagreb Kanka. In fact Mrs. Oz Kanka and myself are thinking of trying to go to Croatia next year, probably in summer, to go and check out the Adriatic coast.

  15. Hey.... great idea. Let's have a KK (Kanka Konferans) on the Adriatic beach.

    We can admire all those beautiful Croatian girlies strutting their stuff when we are not discussing footie subjects ??!!

  16. I spent six months in Trogier near Split in 1996 with ISAF and I can honestly say that it is a beautiful country and everyone who visits will have a great time. The people are really friendly and welcoming. The girls are very nice and the weathers not too bad either.

    Definately a place to visit.


    Trus Blue Tam

  17. Hey, welcome back to the Blog Tam the Bam !

    Please check out the photo section of the Blog and see the photo of our own Croatian beauty, Miss Zagreb Kankie !!

  18. Anonymous2:19 pm

    Yes Croatians are very friendly and welcoming. We have a custom that first we will offer you to eat and drink and show you everything and then everything else goes. 1996 wasn't the best time for us, since was after the war period and we had many many destroyed places. Now, our coast looks like like a 5 stars hotel! And our hotels are now on the totally different level than that was 1996. If you will come now then you will have a luxurious treat for small money and you will have it all.
    Croatian girls are very pretty since looks are very important to them and almost every girl looks like she went from a beauty salon just minutes ago.
    When you will come here, you will deffinately like it! I am sure!

    :-) I should conect myself with someone that is promoting Croatia within our Government, maybe they ca put me on their pay list for promoting Croatia :-) :-)
    But honestly, Croatian coast is the most beautiful that I saw and I traveled a lot and seen many places but I didn't see anything even close beautiful like our sea and coast is.

    Trogir is ok but not the best place. You should visit Primošten, Dubrovnik, Duče, Lokrum,... than you will want to stay forever here.

    Love ya-
    Your Zagreb Kankie

  19. I hope true blue Tam the Bam Kanka read this very interesting and helpful report from Zagreb Kankie.

    Perhaps if he did, then he will make an excuse to leave his wife in Izmir and go on his own ??!!