Monday, November 27, 2006

Maniac Kanka sends in his report

Ankaragucu 1 - Antalyaspor 0

Maniac Kanka Harun has sent in this report of Sunday's match:

It's was a classic for fans of Ankara Gucu soccer (football) team.

Both teams started preciously and the first half was played mostly in the middle section of the field.

There wasn't any important significant goal positions, but the assistant referee had given at least five wrongful decisions against Ankara Gucu.

By the second half the fans of Ankara Gucu increased to around 15,000 and the first goal position came from Antalyaspor when in the 60th minute a shot was made from 30 metres only to come off the goal post.

This was the turning point of the game as from this minute on Ankara Gucu became more influential. On the 75th minute Burak was replaced by Ali Olmez and Bebbe Was replaced by Agali and we saw the first serious attack. The last five minutes were tense.

At the 88th minute Sedat was shown red card and sent off and this incident fired Ankara Gucu.

Seconds from the end Emre passed the ball to Agali who sent the ball over their goalkeeper and into the net :)

From now on we are happy and keep our hopes high for UEFA. This is our aim because we are just three points behind BJK which is in third place.

We are proud and strong and we are fans of Ankara Gucu...


  1. Thanks for the report Maniac Kanka. I read a small piece in Hurriyet today that the match was "football torture". Except for the last seconds obviously.

  2. Well done Maniac Kanka for your first report for the blog. Look forward to further reports from you in the future.

    Concerning the match, it was no surprise to me to read that it was a tense match played mostly in the midfield. The defensive records of both teams speak volumes about their game plans !

    On the subject of defence, it is perhaps interesting to note that ANKARAGUCU have come a long way since the dark days at the beginning of the season.

    Back then we were `tongue in cheek` going for a league record of most draws in a season. However, now we can boast with pride that ANKARAGUCU has the best defensive record in the league !! Also, as Maniac Kanka points out, sitting comfortably in 8th position and only 3 points off the UEFA Cup place.

    Anyway, 3 points against Antalya will be accepted with pleasure. It could well be that ANKARAGUCU are pacing themselves for the visit of the Kadikoy Mob in 2 weeks time ???!!!

  3. Anonymous6:05 pm

    Well, it was a good match, only nobody showed up at Chopin! Battle-hardened Kanka and I waited until just after 1:00 and then made our way to the stadium. We didn't get in until the first 15 minutes had been played. The first half, Gucu looked alright but it was a see-saw match. In the second half, we were given a scare by some sloppy Gucu play and said Antalyaspor shot off the bar. The referee was seriously on our case, handing out unnecessary yellow cards left and right. It was looking like nil nil and then came the red card. Emotions were very high and I was wondering if there wouldn't be more red shown. Play resumed and as a result there were a few more minutes in injury time. The goal was beautiful, a sweet lob over an eager keeper who came too far out of the box. I just wanna know where everybody was? Harun, where were you man? Eski Jim? In two weeks time the true Sari Lacivert will emerge and a football revolution will begin.

  4. Dear Mountaineering Kanka,
    As Sir eski and myself said we couldn't make it I guess others also decided not to go, or at least not go to the Chopin. Perhaps you should leave a comment here, or e-mail us. Glad you enjoyed the match though.

  5. Yesssss...... shame on you Mountaineering Kanka for your slanderous remarks, especially to Maniac Kanka who is ALWAYS there in the Stadium ..... rain, hail or snow !!

    Perhaps if you read your weekly emails from Oz Kanka, and.... check the Blog, you might know what is going on ??!!

    As punishment, and presuming the majority agree, I propose we send Mountaineering Kanka to Ben Nevis and task him to plant the ANKARAGUCU and Gencler flag on top of said mountain !!

    Are we in agreement ?? Comments awaited !!

  6. I can not believe Eski Kanka Jim did not complain about the critisim of an assistant referee! Maybe Eski Kanka Jim has changed his opinion of the men from the dark side?

  7. Fair comment from Hibbie Kanka, but in my defence... cough cough, and having seen Mr Sedat play many times, it is no surprise that he received an (overdue ?) Red Card !!!

    Let's put it this way. I would not want to meet Mr Sedat on a dark night in a dark lane if I was his enemy !!!

    However, I am happy that he is in the ANKARAGUCU team and he is one of the reasons why ANKARAGUCU has the best defensive record in the league.

    Sedat's motto...... None shall pass by fair means or foul !!!

  8. Hey c'mon Kirkcaldy Kanka. Have you lost all that optimism you once had as an ANKARAGUCU hooligan.... ooops .. I mean fanatic ??

    Raith Rovers for promotion to the 2nd league ! Aye, nae bother !!

  9. Oz Kanka, Miss Flying Dutchwoman Kankie and I are exploring the possibility of obtaining tickets for the ANKARAGUCU v Fener match beforehand.

    Standby for an email from Oz Kanka to enquire if you are going so that we know how many tickets to buy.

    If we can't arrange tickets beforehand then be sure that it will be chaos at the Stadium on the night of the match.