Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

For those of you who read Gulay's Galatasaray Blog, you may recall reading Metin’s comments in a recent post where he mentioned a possible merger between Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor. I also mentioned that Cemal Aydin and Melih Gokcek had been seen together regularly recently, and also in the company of a high ranking politician whose name I won’t mention in this Blog !

Well, having discussed the subject with Maniac Kanka last night, it seems like this `rumour` may well come to fruition. There was even an article in The Hurriyet this morning about it !

Maniac’s opinion is that it will happen. My retort was ……. Okay, if and when it does happen what will it do to the balance of the league ? Maniac just shrugged his shoulders and said …….. this is Turkey and it can happen !

Before Oz Kanka mentions it, which I’m sure he will ……. the precedent was set in 1980 (this has also been mentioned on numerous occasions on this Blog !),

It is well recorded in this Blog that Melih Gokcek is not a popular person with Ankaragucu supporters for various reason which I will not repeat. However, if this does happen then I believe it will be a step forward. After all, Cemal Aydin has shown by his actions over the years that he is quite happy for Ankaragucu to sit in mid-table in the league ! We, the supporters, are not !

Melih Gokcek has pledged `to put his money where his mouth is` and he wants to have a successful football team in the Capital City of Turkey just as much as we do.

What about the mechanics of the merger I can hear you ask ? For example, what about The Yenikent Stadium ? What colours will the new team wear ? Will there be a name change ? Will the team still play in The 19 Mayis Stadium ? etc etc.

We will have a `wait and see` period now. So, watch this space for further on this important subject.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Good luck...success is earned not manufactured.

  2. Your point is well taken Gulay !

    However, you should take off your `blinkers` for a moment and consdider the prominent position of Ankara in Turkey with its population in the region of 4-5 million.

    Our generation is a lost cause, but the new generation of Ankara should (and must) have a team which they can support and be proud of.

    If we have a successful team then the children of Ankara will be more inclined to support them in person in the Stadium, rather than
    watching an Istanbul team on TV. Bums on chairs equals income !

    Supporting a team is all about going to the Stadium and putting money into the team !

    If Melih Gokcek is committed to making this happen then I am all for it, and it will also be good for the Turkish League to have a team, apart from Trabzon, challenging the `Big 3`.

    Money sometimes speaks volumes and if this is what it takes then I say ...... bring it on Melih !!!

  3. yesssss,come on melih destroy all of the fuckin konstantinapolis teams!!!!!!

  4. Further info .....

    Cemal Aydin is quoted in today's Hurriyet (Saturday 13 September) saying that he is willing to resign in favour of Melih Gokcek for the good of Ankara and the building a strong team.

    Interestingly, the Prime Minister is also quoted as saying that he is in favour of this happening. With those comments coming from `on high` it surely is `the kiss of death` for Mr Aydin !!

    Keep watching this space for more !