Sunday, September 21, 2008

Gencler go down after Alex goes down

Away to Fenerbahce is never going to be easy and tonight was no exception as Genclerbirligi went down 3-0 to a team that was certainly better but which is lucky to have such a good cheat in the form of Alex.

I watched the match down at the Capadokia Bar and was fairly happy with the opening stanza. Gencler were playing some nice football, and so was Fenerbahce, and it was a piece of brilliance from Brazillian Alex De Souza who made the difference.

He was in front of goal with two players on him, he managed to get around them and score from a wonderful angle. It was annoying, but it was a good goal.

Having praised the fellow it is now time to denigrate him as a cheat. In what was so clearly a dive he managed to get our fullback and captain El Saka sent off. Everyone in the pub were saying it was a dive, including the Fener fans.

That was about the 60th minute mark and well, the game was done. Gencler tried hard for an equaliser but with a man down it was only inevitable that Fener were going to get a few more against us.

So well done Alex, a wonderful goal, and a wonderful dive...


  1. And its only now you realize Alex is a diving, cheating bastard......he does this kind of thing all the time especially when they are losing or drawing.....

  2. On a slightly different topic, I just noticed that someone with the ISP Arsenal Football Club just found the blog via a search for - el saka genclerbirligi -

    You heard it here first.