Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Some last minute transfers before the `transfer window` closed.

Going -

With the arrival of our Egyptian, Sherif Ekramy, from Feyenoord, the Club have released recent aquisition from Erciyes, Yusuf Soysal, and transferred him to Kayserispor. This obviously makes sense.

However, with Serkan is such good form recently I don't think Sherif will be making his debut soon. Time will tell.

Comings -

Anil Karaer (left winger) has arrived from Galatasaray. Don't know anything about him. Perhaps Gulay can add something ?

Another Brazilian has joined the squad. Chaves Leandro Rodrigues (midfield) from Rizespor. After last week's poor showing in the midfield area, this is a welcome addition.

The fight for places on the team sheet is on, and this can only be a positive step forward.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim


  1. Anonymous4:44 pm

    the press interviews with Sheriff said that the manager asked him to start Vs Trabzonspor ,however he apologized from being able to as he is very new to the squad and he doesn't even know the names of the defenders to communicate with .

    I think if there are no injury problems , the manager will let him start the upcoming fixture -I hope so- , because you said before that you have enough GKs so the manager must have brought him coz he needs him ;) .

    best wishes for the football in Ankara .

  2. Anonymous5:43 pm

    Anil Karaer is more a defender (centreback-leftback) but he has quick feet so when necessary he could be positioned on the leftwing.

  3. Ahmad, there is a `friendly` tonight (Friday) between Ankaragucu and Ankaraspor. So, perhaps an opportunity to give Sheriff his debut.

    I will try and find details tomorrow and let you know if he played.

    Anonymous, thanks for the info. If you read my report on the Trabzon match you will have seen that, in my opinion, our present full backs are lacking in pace. Perhaps that is where Hakan Kutlu will play Anil ?

    Thanks for your comments.

  4. Anonymous12:39 am

    no news about the Sheriff's debut ??

  5. Ahmad, I know it is difficult to believe, but even living in Ankara it is difficult to find results of Ankara matches, especially when it is a `friendly`.

    I can tell you that Ankaragucu lost 0-1 but I don't know if Sheriff made his debut.

    Maniac Kanka is still working on finding this information.

    All the best from Jim

  6. OK Ahmad, Maniac Kanka finally came up trumps.

    Unfortunately, Sheriff didn't play last Friday.

    Our `old No 1` goalkeeper Zafer played.

    Be patient, Sheriff's time will come and be sure I'll give you an assessment of his performance when it happens.

    Ankaragucu is away in Gaziantep next weekend, but we have 3 matches in Ankara coming up after that. Hopefully he will make his debut in one of those.

  7. Anonymous3:49 pm

    Thanks a lot Jim , I also hope his time will come and he can be a good addition for Ankaragucu which also means that he can be called again to the National team .
    and greetings to Maniac Kanka

  8. your wellcome ahmad
    all the best from maniac

  9. Ahmad, there was a report in The Hurriyet this morning (15 September) that Sherif Ekramy had returned to Egypt without permission.

    He is reported as saying that he wants to play for Ankaragucu, but because Serkan is playing so well at the moment, he doesn't think he can win a place in the team at this time.

    I had the impression that Hakan Kutlu is not happy about it, but if he returns soon then the problem may be resolved.

    I'll try and keep you informed of developments.