Friday, September 26, 2008

New look

Don't get too alarmed, I'm just playing around with the blog as I've finally moved it to blogger's new template thingy. I still want to make a couple of changes. Any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous11:28 pm

    Battle Damaged Kanka said. . .
    Has Tom Cruise joined the Kanka group? I get to the page and see a Scientology ad right under the Football in Ankara banner. Other than that it looks great.

  2. Anonymous11:37 pm

    Another comment from Battle Damaged here. Although Sivas is not an Ankara team, I do have to urge everyone to try to find video footage of their second goal against FB--which resulted in a win I might add. I think it was the first time I have ever heard an announcer describe a goal as "chic".

  3. Battledamaged: I also got the Scientology advert. It is a google adverts thing... obviously they have been following our web browsing history and the two of us fit perfectly into the cult. Just click on it so we get some money... but for the Flying Teapot's sake don't join the buggers.

  4. I have a SERIOUS suggestion. Using my Eski Kanka logic ....

    A comes before G and ....

    1910 comes before 1923 so .....

    The Ankaragucu badge should be on the left !!!

    Agreed ???

  5. Boo Hoo Hoo ...........

    Anyway, could you really believe that Eski Kanka was serious ???

    Answers not necessary !