Sunday, February 21, 2010


Greetings Kankas and Kankies.

Well ..... OK, so I (and lottsa others) were too optimistic about Ankaragucu's first win in .... well, a lot of hours, well .... make that .... weeks !

ANKARAGUCU 2 Antalyaspor 2

TWO goals from Ankaragucu should be cause for celebration, but .... in our perilous league position, that is the least of our worries !

In the first half, one up and I'm thinking .... OK, this is it ! Obviously, I didn't take my optimism pill this morning..... true !

Into the 2nd half and 1-2 down and ........ that's when I headed down to The Platin Bar to meet Maniac Kanka Harun and Battle Damaged Kanka Damon where we could at least commiserate with each other !

God be praised ....... Ankaragucu snatched a draw from the jaws of defeat in the dying minutes to at least give us a point (again !!) to cheer about !!

We tried to make plans about next weeks's Derby Match, but it became too difficult and so it will need to be decided during the week - The Stadium from Hell is proving to be more of an effin problem that we first thought !!!

Team news and scorers tomorrow night when I have more info.

All the best from Eski Kanka Jim

PS .... Eski says .... Come back Bebbe .... all is forgiven !!!

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